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The American Council Of Animal Naturopathy LLC. – Offering online education and certification courses in natural (naturopathic) animal health and nutrition.

Our distance learning classes and courses provide the opportunity for both the pet owner and students desirous of becoming an animal health coach or consultant to learn true animal naturopathy and if they like, to become certified in animal naturopathy through one of the following courses:

  • Natural Animal Health Coaching – small animal, equine or both
  • Animal Naturopathy
  • Carnivore Nutrition
  • Equine Nutrition
  • and More

A.C.A.N. is the only certifying organization of its kind for animal naturopathy, natural animal health coaching, and species-specific animal nutrition. As a professional in your field, earning your A.C.A.N. Certification showcases your commitment, experience, and dedication, to consumers seeking your services, and can lead to higher visibility, opportunities, and employment.


A.C.A.N. is an international, non-governmental organization operating chiefly through the medium of the Internet and is accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners. Accreditation for Naturopathic or Holistic Health programs in the United States is an entirely voluntary process. Accreditation for an educational program represents a validation that the programs have been thoroughly investigated and found worthy of recognition by a qualified body.


What is Animal Naturopathy?

Perhaps you have heard of animal naturopathy but have wondered what it really is. The philosophy of naturopathy has been in existence since the beginning of time. Naturopathy focuses on health. The definition of naturopathy is a philosophy and system of following...

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Why be Certified?

A.C.A.N. certification is the cornerstone of a successful career. Even if you work in a state that does not require certification, the A.C.A.N. certification establishes you as a dedicated professional with the knowledge and skills to excel in animal naturopathy.

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Certification Courses

A.C.A.N. is a front-runner and the only source for education and certification in true animal naturopathy. We provide affordable, high quality distance learning education courses in animal naturopathy and holistic/natural health care.

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