Why Natural Health?

Shadrach the Neo Mastiff

by Dr. Kim Bloomer, Co-Founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy

You’ve come to this site. You are reading the blog posts. Maybe checking out the newsletter. Considering taking some classes or even becoming certified in animal naturopathy. The question begs, why? What intrigued or interested you to search out natural health in the first place?

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Live Food Vs. Processed Pet Food

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By Dr. Jeannie Thomason co-founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy

Healing and maintaining healthy bodies, organs, and cells in our pets involves having access to a variety of naturally sourced, naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, as well as other dietary components. To provide all these necessary nutrients, it means feeding RAW meat, bones, and organs. 

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This Week On Animal Talk Naturally


We all know how our companion animals are able to affect our health but have you ever stopped to think how we are able to affect theirs?

Join your hosts, animal naturopaths Dr. Kim and Dr. Jeannie this week, Wednesday, July 27th at 11:30 AM Pacific/2:30 PM Eastern time as they focus this week on how our emotions and how they affect the physical health and well being of our companion animals.


Who Gives a Hoot?

NM Desert Owls, Copyright 2016 by Dr. Kim Bloomer. All Rights Reserved

by Dr. Kim Bloomer, Co-Founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy

During the month of June and part of July I was blessed to have two small desert owls living in a space I pass by on my morning walk/run with my Carolina Dog, Schatzie. I knew there were owls in the holes in the mesa cliffs but I had never had the privilege of seeing one up close before. During this short six week period, I passed by these two owls – well mostly the male was present as I am certain the female was attending to her offspring. Either he or both he and his mate would be roosting in some sagebrush that was high up enough I couldn’t reach them of course, but close enough that I could see them clearly and even stand and just gaze at them. Sometimes I would just stop briefly to say hello in a soft voice and admire their beauty. Why am I sharing this here? Because I want to know who gives a hoot about the environment, knowing that generations down the line our children’s children will still have opportunities like this one?

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Vaccines and Fear


Vaccines and Fear

The following is a podcast from Animal Talk Naturally Radio show we believe you will enjoy listening to about the fear mongering surrounding vaccinating our pets.  

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Vaccinating is Not Immunizing


by Dr. Kim Bloomer, Co-Founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy

Recently I received a copy of the revision of this book, “How to Immunize Your Dog Without Vaccines” by Aleksandra Mikic.

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Emphasis On The “Raw”

© Willeecole | Dreamstime.com - Spoiled Dog Photo

By Dr. Jeannie Thomason co-founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy

When heat destroys (“denatures”) the natural shape of enzymes, they become nonfunctional. When we feed heat-processed pet food to our dogs and cats (carnivores)  necessary enzymes are absent; the burden on the pancreas is greatly increased.

According to Gabriel Cousins, MD in his book “Conscious Eating”:

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Enzyme Robbing in Carnivores

Carnivore Class1

By Dr. Jeannie Thomason co-founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy

A little more on enzymes:

When enzymes for the digestive process are not available in the food eaten, metabolic enzymes are produced in the major organs (liver, pancreas, etc.) and then “stolen or robbed” to be used to aid in digesting the meal.   This is called enzyme robbing.

Dogs and cats, being carnivores, do not have naturally occurring enzymes in their saliva to begin the digestion process in the mouth like omnivores or herbivores do.

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Our Pets Are What They Eat

© Martina Osmy | Dreamstime.com

By Dr. Jeannie Thomason, co-founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy

You have heard it before ” You are what you eat!”  This applies to our companion animals just as much as it does to us humans.

Nutrients from the foods we eat or that we offer our pets to eat need to provide the foundation of the structure, function, and integrity of every cell in the body, from the skin and hair to muscles, bones, digestive and immune systems, etc.  

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Attention Pet Owners

Holistic Wellness For Pets Program

Achieve and Maintain Holistic Wellness In Your Pets

Our Holistic Wellness for Pets Program will assist you in understanding the range of holistic wellness options available for your pets.

  • Learn how to avoid the risk factors associated with conventional, chemical based pesticides and environmental pollutants.
  • Find out what the best diet is for your pets and which supplements if any are necessary for optimal health.
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