A.C.A.N. Certified Practitioners

Certified Veterinary and/or Animal Naturopaths


Dr. Sarah Reagan

A Horse’s View
Email: slreagan55@gmail.com
Website: ahorsesview.com

Sarah Reagan, CVND holds a doctorate degree in veterinary naturopathy and is the first to be certified in equine naturopathy and nutrition from the American Council of Animal Naturopathy (ACAN). She also holds the Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy/USA and is a registered homeopath. She is currently writing and teaching equine naturopathy through ACAN, in addition to having a private consulting practice in applied equine ecology and clinical homeopathy/naturopathy.

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Her first book, Equine Nutrition: From a Species Appropriate Perspective was published the end of 2012. She is also working on developing a model of Applied Equine Nutritional Ecology. This model will be a tool that can be used to examine and evaluate all components of an equine feeding program within any industry sector. Having been a certified small commercial organic farmer, she understands sustainable growing methods and believes that in order to sustain and nourish the animal directly we have to create a sustainable cycle from cradle to grave of all the food components including the growing methods.

Dr. Reagan is a dedicated student of Goethean science, and thus in all aspects of her working with and teaching about equine ecology she applies a philosophy of a wholeness and conscious participation in nature. She is an ardent advocate for a biocentric approach to domestic equine welfare. Dr. Reagan states: “The horse/human association has changed greatly in recent years – and continues to change. While there is much in the way of so-called “natural” horse keeping and training methodologies, many are still not based upon what is truly in the best interest of the horse. There is a profound misunderstanding of what constitutes a species appropriate care and management system for the domestic equine, and we have instilled an anthropocentric ideology in too many instances within equine welfare and training. The flip side of that methodological coin is the continued treatment of horses as though they were machines to be used as desired and lubed as needed. All species are biocentric; we do not need a “melding” of these two methodologies. We need a new approach, one that can be woven into the fabric of human nature while consciously participating in the horse’s true nature.”

She currently resides on a small farm outside of Knoxville, TN with her family of horses, cats, husband, and mother.


Dr. Tracie Laliberte

Dog Pawse
Email: infinidaddog@yahoo.com
Website: Infinidadadog.com

Tracie Laliberte, CVND, Ph.D. ABD , holds a doctorate in veterinary naturopathy from Kingdom College of Natural Health. She has extensive knowledge and thirty five years of love and experience in the professional field of dogs. Aside from holding a doctorate in Animal Naturopathy, she is a natural rearing dog breeder, trainer, exhibitor of show dogs, winner of Best Junior Handler at Westminster Kennel Club and Crufts Dog Show.

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Tracie is currently working on a second Doctorate of Philosophy about “dogs” at Salve Regina University. “I’m examining the human side of our relationship with the domesticated dog,” she explains, “most people don’t make the connection that Rover is actually a human-constructed technology which also offers an array of physical, psychological, and spiritual benefits.”

Tracie has instructed classes in Canine Communication, Holistic Approaches to the bond, and basic dog care with the Newport Learning Connection, Providence Learning Connection, and The Boston Learning Society. In addition, she is an active AKC judge, a speaker for civic and community groups, a former recipient of the Dog Writer’s Educational Trust, has written for the AKC Gazette and is currently a dog columnist for the Sun Chronicle newspaper. She was formerly the Vice-President of the Alliance of Purebred Dog Writers (APDW), and currently a member of Framingham District Kennel Club as well as a certified Aromatherapist and Reiki Practitioner. Tracie is still active in her family’s full-service kennel and in addition to her professional writing, she works as an adjunct Professor at Rhode Island College and Fisher College.



Animal Practitioners & Educators Certified as Animal Health Coaches & Animal Naturopathic Consultants


Kristin ClarkKristinwithherpack

Website: Coming Soon
Certified in: Animal Naturopathy & Carnivore Nutrition

Kristin Clark discovered the field of animal naturopathy while searching for ways to help ease her dog Barkley’s various health issues. Naturopathy and its tenets made a great deal of sense to her, and as she started to implement them, she saw drastic improvement in all of her dogs’ health. Because she has had pets and foster dogs that have struggled with various issues (itching, arthritis, and behavioral issues, to name just a few), she knows well how hard it can be to find help for them using conventional means.

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Kristin has found her passion and her bliss in educating and empowering other pet owners in helping their own pets live optimally and thrive by addressing the root cause of their pet’s problems instead of following the conventional route of symptom suppression. Kristin is excited to learn and grow with each new client she works with. Whether you are looking for a true “wellness” program or your pet needs a bit of support on their journey to regaining true health, Kristin can guide and empower you. Consultations are available via email or phone. She also has an online magazine called Raw Pet Digest that contains a wealth of information about how to help support your carnivore pet in achieving health and wellness naturally.


Deborah Wood
Deb Wood web res

Logical Dog Animal Naturopathics


Certified in: Small Animal Naturopathy & Carnivore Nutriton

Debbie started her healthier dog food journey as the head chef of Buddies Natural Pet Food in Victoria, BC and her desire to learn more led her to the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. During her years of study she gained certification in carnivore nutrition and small animal naturopathy and can be found speaking at seminars and teaching people one on one through “Logical Dog”, her carnivore consulting business.

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Debbie Wood has been teaching people how to feed their pet carnivores for over ten years. She has been a pet health columnist in the Cowichan Valley Voice for two years and owns Lucky Dog U-Bath and Urban Daycare in Duncan, BC. Debbie has also been published in Pet Connection magazine.

Debbie lives with her two dogs Crash and Tana and a cat called Vinny. She also spends some time with her husband, Lars.


Lezia Munn

Moonlight Homeopathy

Email: moonlighthomeopathy@comcast.net
(503) 350 0865

Lezia Munn, CCH.
Certified Small Animal Naturopath
“It tall began with Moonlight a pure black feline that passed at the age of six due to cancer. That morning of her passing I promised Moonlight I would find the reasons why this occurred, and assist as many felines as possible to thrive.”

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Lezia has a unique understanding and passion for the feline and has dedicated the rest of her life to the wellness of each and every cat that crosses her path.






Lezia specializes in feline nutrition/naturopathic wellness, and in addition is a certified classical Homeopath/ certified animal health coach.


Rikki-Lee SchroderRikki-lee

Lily Moon Holistic Pet Products

Certified in: Small Animal Naturopathy

My journey down Natural Health Street began after my then-veterinarian diagnosed my little boy, Popcorn, with kidney disease. I was told that nothing could be done to improve his condition and that it was “just a matter of time”. I felt completely helpless and nauseous on the drive home. How could there be nothing to help him? I immediately started researching natural therapies and found very promising information on animal nutrition. I created a special diet plan for Pops and also introduced some natural supplements. After a month his condition had improved significantly and he was looking much more like his normal self. I realized then that food has the power to heal. I kept Pops on his new diet and looked for schools offering natural animal health programs.

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Through the Global College of Natural Medicine; the School of Sacred Healing Light; and the American Council of Animal Naturopathy I have respectively earned certification as a Holistic Chef for Animals; an Animal Healing Practitioner and Usui Reiki Master; and as an Animal Naturopath. My life is devoted to animals and their wellbeing, which means that I never plan to stop growing my knowledge of natural health.

I live in Cape Town, South Africa with my two beautiful little girls, Tiger-Lily and Alaska. They are my life, my inspiration, my dance partners, my pit crew, my reason to smile every day … I could go on and on. They are my everything. Together, we hope to help others improve the lives of their pets by teaching them the healing power of Nature. Health is fun! Give your pets the opportunity to thrive.


Pedro Negron Ortiz

Mascotas al Natural

Email: mascotasalnatural@gmail.com
Web Site: MascotasalNatural
Certified in: Small Animal Naturopathy

Pedro Negrón Ortiz holds an Advanced Diploma in Veterinary Homeopathy from the British Institute of Homeopathy/USA. In 2008 he received the Samuel Hahnemann Award from the British Institute of Homeopathy/USA. In addition, he holds a certificate in Dog and Cat Iridology from the Through the Eye International Animal Iridology Center and recently was certified in Small Animal Naturopathy at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. Pedro also holds a BS in Natural Science from Inter American University of Puerto Rico and a MBA from University of Phoenix.

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Since childhood Pedro felt the need to help and rescue abandoned dogs. He has rescued, rehabilitated and placed in homes more than 40 dogs in the last 15 years. He has adopted 15. He lost two of the dogs at an early age, having spent thousands of dollars on conventional treatments without getting the expected results. Motivated his belief in natural medicine, he began to investigate alternative treatments for dogs. After several years of research he began to feed dogs naturally and use natural remedies to assist health conditions in them. Pedro was able to validate the effectiveness of these treatments on pets which prompted his decision for formal studies in animal naturopathy.

Currently Pedro is the owner of Mascotas al Natural, a small company dedicated to promoting the wellness and comprehensive health of small animals using alternatives and/or complementary therapies. He also promotes the use of 100% natural products. Some of the therapies and techniques he recommends are a raw diet, homeopathy, herbs, iridology, essential oils, infrared light therapy and reflexology. In addition Mascotas al Natural makes handmade natural products such as glycerites herbal extracts for dogs and cats, essential oil blends and natural shampoos for dogs.


Alethea Kenney


Email: allie@reedbird.com
Website: BoRealBalance.com
Certified in: Animal Naturopathy

Alethea graduated from Clayton College of Natural Health and Purdue University

Alethea Kenney has her Doctorate in Naturopathy and her B.S. in Wildlife Science from Purdue University. She works as a traditional naturopath, herbalist, aromatherapist and fiber artist. She also has a certification in Western herbalism from Midwest School of Herbal Studies, an international certification in aromatherapy from Pacific Institute of Aromatherapy and has completed the Master’s program from same. She is an Equine Iridology technician from Through the Eye International and is enrolled in massage programs for canines and equines. She continues studying healing methods in a variety of traditions.

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She has spent many years working with animals as companions, as veterinary assistant, as dog groomer, riding and showing horses in 4H and raising animals on the farm. She now runs Reedbird Farm, a chemical and vaccination-free Icelandic sheep and fiber farm in northern Minnesota, and Boreal Balance, LLC, a natural health consulting business for humans and their animal companions. She has served 3 years on the Board of Directors of the Icelandic Sheep Breeders of North America and 2 of those years as president of the board.


Anthea Appel

Cats N Dogs Naturally

Email: anthea.appel@gmail.com
Website: CatsNDogsNaturally.com
Certified in: Animal Health Coaching/Small Animal Naturopathy

Anthea lives in New York City with her two robustious cats, Suukye the Burmese and Poppy the Siamese. When not taking care of animals, or studying another natural health modality, she is the author of fiction and non-fiction books.

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Anthea specializes in Canine and Feline naturopathic health care. She has studied Chinese Medicine (Cupping & Moxibustion), Homeopathy, holds a certificate in Cat & Dog Iridology from the Through the Eye International Animal Iridology Center and was certified in small animal naturopathy at the American Council of Animal Naturopathy in the Fall of 2012.


Certified Carnivore Nutrition Consultants


Darci Petercheff

Darci P cropped

Email: allamericandogky@gmail.com
Certified Carnivore Nutrition Consultant

Our newest certified Carnivore Nutrition Coach is Darci Pettercheff. Darci’s journey into Carnivore Nutrition and Wellness began in 2004 when her first dog, Sandrabella, found her way into her life. It was a journey together, that not only changed the course of Darci’s life but also her career path and future.

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Darci left the corporate world of Pet Specialty in 2013 to pursue her 10 year goal of owning her own Pet Specialty Shoppe. She quickly realized that was not, in fact where she belonged and began doing consultation work. Today she continues her education in Veterinary Homeopathy, as this become a real love of hers after her beloved Sandrabella became sick at the tender age of 8. Sandrabella had always been Darci’s teacher, her spiritual guide and paved each pathway in her career; this was no exception. It was through Sandrabella that Darci saw first-hand, the power of Homeopathy and knew that in addition to Nutrition, this is where she was being led.

Darci has been blessed to work in and know each area of this Industry, be it Veterinary Care or Nutrition. Her background has allowed her to have a deep knowledge of disease and body systems, nutrition and its role in aiding and healing, and a variety of modalities that support both.

Darci lives in Kentucky with her Husband and their two English Springer Spaniels, Ninah and Scout.

Darci believes the best gift we can give our dogs, is to respect the lessons they give to us. All things done in Darci’s home and in her life are to Honor the Memory of Sandrabella and the lessons she gave, taught and left with her. Sandrabella will forever be Darci’s Teacher, Spiritual Guide and her Muse.


Jennifer Lee

The Natural Carnivore

Email: info@tailcreekmastiffs.com
Website: TheNaturalCarnivore.com
Certified Carnivore Nutrition Consultant

Jennifer lives in rural Alberta with her husband and stepdaughter, several mastiffs, two mixed breed dogs and one cat. She has been using natural rearing methods including feeding a species appropriate carnivore diet with her pets since 2007. Jennifer is thrilled in anticipation of the launch of her consulting business, The Natural Carnivore.

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The Natural Carnivore is dedicated to helping pet owners learn how to create a naturally healthy lifestyle for their pets.

Jennifer has also a published a author – Her book is titled, “The Inner Carnivore”.


Dr. Erin O’Connor

Roaring For Raw

Email: info@roaringforraw.com
Website: RoaringForRaw
Certified Carnivore Nutrition Consultant

Our newest graduate of the Carnivore Nutrition Course is Dr. Erin O’Connor! Dr. Erin is an animal chiropractor, board certified through the American Veterinary Chiropractic Association and carnivore nutrition consultant, board certified through the American Council of Animal Naturopathy. She holds a doctorate in chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic. She continued her education in animal chiropractic at Parker University. After opening her practice in the fall of 2010, she observed how much happier and healthier raw fed dogs were and continued her education with A.C.A.N. to provide nutrition services to her clients.

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She currently provides care for patients at her clinic, Vitality Chiropractic Center, as well as Autumn Green Animal Hospital, and is excited to launch her nutrition consulting business, Roaring for Raw. Dr. O’Connor resides in Naperville, IL, a western suburb of Chicago, with her husband, Italian greyhound, border collie, African grey, and mouse. Her passion behind the care that she provides continues to be inspired by each and every animal she meets.