Animal Naturopathy

Animal Naturopathy is based on the vitality of the body, self-healing, rather than conventional medicine.

True Naturopathy has it roots in ancient history and greek medicine.  It is the science of self-healing.  It is the art of health maintenance and disease prevention.  At its core, animal naturopathy is basically an elaborate and sophisticated system of hygiene and living according the laws of nature.

Naturopathic health is based on the principles that the body has the inherent ability to heal itself. Every illness has a cause − whether it manifests at the physical, mental, or emotional level − and symptoms are simply expressions of the body’s attempt to heal. Symptoms are not the illness and they are not the cause of illness. However, if they are allowed to continue long enough, they may trigger other illness conditions and you can find yourself allegorically “chasing your tail” much as your dog might! The naturopathic emphasis is on using the laws of nature/health to create balance and a strong immune system to promote wellness and prevent disease.

“The art of healing comes from nature and not the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from nature with an open mind.” ~ Paracelsus