Should Dogs Have Vegetables As Part of Their Raw Diet?

By Rhonda Jewel, CSAN

I have been contemplating, researching and carefully studying my own pack while making notes about the common thread going around from veterinarians these days about feeding our carnivore companions veggies.

The controversial question being asked lately is:  Shoud our dogs actually be eating veggies as part of their raw diet?

This is not an easy question or a simple post to put together because it is such a controversial subject amongst the raw feeding community. However, I did it and this is my take on the subject. The short answer is ‘No’.  Following is the longer answer and the reasons why not.   Continue reading

Raw Feeding Deception: Facts vs. Fear-Mongering

By Anita Bothwell, CSAN 

I wish my dogs could live forever, or at least as long as I do. But the sad truth is they won’t, and they are dying younger and younger, but why? The leading cause of death in dogs is cancer, and would you believe me if I told you that commercial pet food is a primary reason? Between 2013 and 2015 I lost two of my precious dogs to cancer. At the time, I thought I was keeping them healthy by feeding them a quality brand of kibble. Cyrus, my 140 pound English Mastiff, was a sight to behold. He was massive, a fiercely loyal companion and my best friend. His little buddy, my Basset Hound Max, was the funniest, most playful and energetic clown you could ever imagine. His personality was larger than life. They were both so full of love, energy, and had an insatiable zest for life. Cyrus was ten, and Max was just six years old when they died of cancer. I spent every penny I had and charged thousands of dollars to my credit cards on conventional medical care in an attempt to save their lives. Their loss and my desire to change the fate of my two surviving dogs inspired me to seek the real path to health, and I found it. And it is so simple and so evident that it took me months to forgive myself for being so unaware and oblivious. Continue reading

Raw Diet For Dogs – When Is It Safe? Rebuttal to ‘Raw Chicken Linked to Paralysis in Dogs’

By Rhonda Jewel, certified small animal naturopath


The AVMA, (The American Veterinary Medical Association) the leaders of the veterinary industry in this country, have been clear on their stance regarding raw meat diets for cats and dogs for many years. What they would like us to believe is that raw feeding is dangerous and unhealthy for our pets – too many risks.

Yet, many of us raw feeders who have been feeding our dogs raw meaty bones, including chicken necks for many years, can attest to the fact that ‘raw’ is by far the best way to feed your dog or cat!

The risks are no greater than any other method of feeding, with a whole lot more benefits. Most raw-fed dogs are thriving on it, with ‘High Vibe’, strong immune systems, luxurious coats with sparkling, clean teeth and fresh breath. Continue reading

Wolf in Dog’s Clothing

 A Toy Poodle.  A Boxer.  A Saluki.  A Gray Wolf.  If you were to judge a book by its cover, you would think that these were all vastly different animals.  However, if you look on the inside, you would find that less than 1% of the mitochondrial DNA between these canines is different.  Despite the fact that internally all dogs function just like their wild cousins, at some point we decided that it was in their best interest to feed them differently.  Why is this?  What changed?  And what do we know that should lead us back to a natural diet for our canine companions?

Continue reading

The Whole Picture After-The-Fact!

The Whole Picture After-The-Fact! Can’t Take Back the Cause of an Adverse Reaction.

By Chantal Regan CAN

Certified graduate/practitioner of small animal naturopathy

Oh the things I wish I could say to my baby boy Bauer. One being “Wish I could go back, do things differently, one being to spend more time with you. I love the way you looked at me. You were the only who understood me as much as you did. No matter the pain, the pain of losing a loved one – a soul mate, I would do it all over. I miss you Bauer Boy xoxox”

All the wishing to go back will not bring back my baby boy. Bauer gave me the strength to find answers, to keep going, to keep fighting, and to educate others.

The following is written after-the-fact, the completed puzzle. The pieces came together after Bauer passed away. Continue reading