Animal Naturopathy

Animal Naturopathy is based on the vitality of the body, self-healing, rather than conventional type medicine.

True Naturopathy has it roots in ancient greek medicine.  It is the science of self healing.  It is the art of health maintenance and disease prevention.  At its core, animal naturopathy is basically an elaborate and sophisticated system of *hygiene and living according the laws of nature.

In proper hygiene practices, naturopathy sees the foundation of all good health.  In improper or faulty hygiene, it sees the origin of most disease.


The Hygienic System of health is “one by which both the well and the sick are cared for solely by the employment of material or influences conducive to the promotion of health. A Hygienic material or influence is one that is normally employed by living organisms in their development, growth and function. It is that upon which life depends. Hygiene thus becomes the employment of materials, agents and influences that have a normal relationship to life, in the preservation and restoration of health according to well-defined laws and demonstrated principles of nature. ” ~Herbert M. Shelton