2 Essential Steps to Horse Health

Posted By Dr. Jeannie Thomason on Sep 13, 2017 |

By Angie Wells,

Angie Wells, C.E.M.T, C.E.S.T, C.A.N. Certified A.C.A.N. Practitioner

Health is homeostasis within both the body and each individual cell. It is an art to master when to change a plan of care vs. stay consistent. The answers are found through listening to the horse as you go.

By doing this, you will better be able to determine when the immune system may need a boost, when to aid a natural cleanse, or if you need to support a healing crisis. When you desire to see a change in results, change what you are doing…

The definition of insanity is doing the same things over and over and yet expecting a different result. Doing what everyone else does or following traditional care, that does not serve your horse, is not likely to result in health and wellness.


The 2 Essential Steps to Horse Health

For our horses to thrive into their senior years with reduced risk of health concerns… we must care for them as nature intended. How horses are designed by nature to be vs what some experts and professionals say might be different. It is up to us as horse owners to empower ourselves with knowledge so we can confidently know when that difference arises or is present.

The current growth of disease and health concern in our horses is an indication that we are off course with their nature and design. The only way this will improve is if horse owners take back the responsibility of care and choice.

To experience change, 2 things must be addressed:

Belief Structure- Increase awareness of your belief structure regarding health and disease. Assess and take notice of your current care routines and the horse’s lifestyle, ensuring they are natural and align with the 8 Laws of Health.

Action- Actively pursue to fill any gaps of understanding or lack of knowledge that you have from sources that have the mindset and education that is congruent with what you desire to learn. Don’t be surprised if you must look for mentors outside your current circle of professionals and peers. Often the practices and beliefs they have are the same as yours and resemble what you have implemented and resulted in your current situation.

Where to Begin on the Essential Steps

Did you know not too long ago I was no different than you…

My horses and those of my clients struggled with a long list of symptoms and health concerns. Endless supplements, expensive medications, and regular vet visits were normal. Although I was in the alternative therapy industry, I experienced unsatisfying results, that felt inconsistent and unreliable.

I became fed up wondering what I was doing wrong and where the magic bullet was hiding to help my horses live healthy, vibrant lives. The excessive cost and the continued lack of health in the horses around me, drove me to what I know now.

It has become my passion and mission to share with horse owners like you what I have learned, assist you on a path to a solid foundation and belief of what true health is, and empower you with what you need to take action!

To learn more about becoming aware of your belief structure and simple steps to taking action, contact me or go to our website www.equineessentialwellness.com.



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