Animals Can Self-Medicate

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Animals Can Self-Medicate

By: Dr. Kim Bloomer, Certified Animal Naturopath and Co-Founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy

When allowed access to their natural environments, animals can self-medicate even if that can’t be proven scientifically since it is subjective – at least according to science it is anyway.

To sidetrack a bit it always amazes me how humans feel the need to have to “prove” the intelligence and cognition of animals. It is our arrogance thinking that we are the only intelligent, cognitive creatures on the planet that has gotten us into all of this trouble in the first place…believing or thinking we can somehow improve upon nature’s intelligent design.

So back to the self-medicating of animals – whether SCIENCE can prove it or not isn’t a validation marker for me. It is evident to anyone observing animals that this is exactly what they are doing if given the proper access. So it is with pleasure I am sharing this article: USU research professor studies ‘pasture pharmacy’.
Nature has always provided a natural pharmacy but it is mankind’s hubris and intervention in thinking it could duplicate and patent the constituents of that pharmacy that has us going right back to nature to attend to animal kind since our methods are not working – they are merely palliating and/or masking problems not preventing or curing anything.

I for one am very happy to see this trend towards allowing animals to utilize their inherent intelligence and ability to seek out what is best for their own health. We should however, start with allowing them to eat what is natural to them in the first place though and then we’d begin to see a whole lot less problems with dis-ease and parasites. In fact those of us who do honor nature this way DO and ARE seeing MUCH healthier animals without any need of mankind’s pharmacological intervention!

Of course the factory farm settings will continue to spend exorbitant amounts of money to figure out how to avoid nature rather than just spending that money to take proper and natural care of the animals they are profiting from. But any time we violate the laws of health mandated in nature, there will be and are consequences to pay. I’d rather just do the right thing to begin with and see my own animals flourish as a result; as they rightly deserve.

Maybe in domesticity we can’t allow our animals full access to what they’d learn to utilize in their natural wild environment. However, by honoring the laws of nature, beginning with their species appropriate, natural raw diets we can see healthy, thriving animals without the intervention of mankind’s synthetic, unnatural, hubric products designed only for profit that have no concern with the well being of animals.