Attention Pet Owners

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Attention Pet Owners

Achieve and Maintain Holistic Wellness In Your Pets

Our Holistic Wellness for Pets Program will assist you in understanding the range of holistic wellness options available for your pets.

  • Learn how to avoid the risk factors associated with conventional, chemical based pesticides and environmental pollutants.
  • Find out what the best diet is for your pets and which supplements if any are necessary for optimal health.

If you, as a pet owner are looking for a natural ways to improve your dog and/or cat’s  health and well being, you will enjoy this program! It is designed to teach the fundamentals of holistic/naturopathic wellness and how to set your own companion animals on the road of better health and wellbeing.

Topics Covered:
Diet and Nutrition
Causes of Dis-ease
Toxins and Detoxing
The Healing Response & Healing
Preventative Healthcare
Natural Healing Modalities
and more!

This program consists of a syllabus, audios and power-point presentations along with suggested book reading.

This Program is available online, on demand – enroll at any time.