The American Council of Animal Naturopathy, LLC was the first and is still, the only certifying organization of its kind that recognizes levels of expertise and specialties for the animal naturopath, natural animal health coach/consultant, species appropriate nutrition coach and/or practitioner.

The intent of certification is to provide assurance to the public that those certified by the American Council Animal Naturopathy have successfully completed an approved educational program and an evaluation process assessing their ability to provide quality care in his/her specialty.

For practitioners, A.C.A.N. certification is much more than a credential. It’s the cornerstone of a successful career. Because even if you work in a state that does not require certification, the A.C.A.N. certification establishes you as a dedicated professional with the knowledge and skills to uphold high standards of excellence in animal naturopathy.


Board Certification as a Holistic Health Practitioner too

Upon being certified by the American Council of Animal Naturopathy, graduates are also eligible to obtain board certification from the American Association of Drugless Practitioners (http://www.aadp.net). The AADP is dedicated to promoting an enhanced professional image and prestige among practitioners of traditional and non-traditional therapies and methodologies and offers many professionals benefits to assist members in establishing their practice.


Animal Naturopaths, Natural Animal Health Coaches, Equine or Small Animal Consultants and/or Practitioners

Applicants for certification in Animal Naturopathy Consulting, Natural Animal Health Coaching, small animal, equine or combined, must have successfully completed one of ACAN’s certification programs/courses.

Veterinary Naturopaths

Each applicant/candidate for professional certification as a certified veterinary naturopath must hold a doctoral degree in veterinary medicine and successfully complete A.C.A.N.’s certification course in small animal naturopathy and/or equine naturopathy or our combined course.

Each applicant/candidate for certification in animal naturopathy must show proof of education (ie. grade transcripts, certificates, diplomas) in natural/holistic animal health and have successfully completed A.C.A.N.’s certification course in small animal naturopathy and/or equine naturopathy to be eligible to take the board examination.

A.C.A.N. Certification is Good for One Year – Re-certification is required annually

Initial certification is good for one year, thereafter, being re certified requires proof of attendance in continuing education with a minimum of thirty (30) learning units/hours with either one of A.C.A.N.s individual class modules or from one of A.C.A.N.s approved educational partners’ courses, webinars or seminars for the following calendar year.

Those certified may also put on their own webinars, seminars or write and have articles published, write their own courses or books to count towards their annual re-certification. Please send A.C.A.N. the information and links to such events to be announced to students and other certified members.

Continuing education verification will be due no later than July 31st of the current year and will be due each July 31st thereafter.

Please see our Re-certification Requirements Page

Certification Examination

Once the certification program is successfully completed the student will be invited to schedule a day to sit for the examination (online). Login and password information will be sent just prior to your scheduled time to take the examination.

The examinations take place every OTHER Friday beginning March 10th, 2017.

The small animal and equine health coach/naturopath exam consists of several sections of essay questions, multiple choice and a few True or False questions and you are given eight (8) hours to take the examination.  The combined course of both small animal and equine, naturally take longer to complete and the student testing in the combined course will have ten (10) hours to complete the examination.

In order to pass the examination, you must receive a 75% or higher on each individual section of the examination.

Within 3 business days of you taking the examination, you will receive notification of your grade. A passing grade will result in you receiving certification in animal naturopathy; that is suitable for framing and your profile and website will be posted on the website.

If a passing grade is not achieved, then you have the option to retake the examination after waiting 2 months. If you failed in only 1 or 2 sections of the examination, you can retake only those sections for a fee of $50 per section and re-take the exam in 30 days. If you failed 3 or more sections, you must retake the entire examination for a fee of $100.

A maximum of 3 attempts is all that is allowed. (Note: The fees to retake a certification exam  are non-refundable in order to cover administrative costs.)



The American Council of Animal Naturopathy is privately owned and operated, we are not government-funded.



NOTE: A.C.A.N. Certified Animal Naturopaths, Animal Health Coaches and practitioners certified in animal naturopathy or nutrition do not provide medical diagnosis, prescribe medications or perform surgical procedures. A.C.A.N. expects Certified Animal Naturopaths and those certified in animal naturopathy only provide the professional services set out in the Scope of Practice and strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics identified on this website. A.C.A.N. cannot be held responsible for anyone not acting within the Scope of Practice or not adhering to the Code of Ethics herein.