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Posted By Dr. Jeannie Thomason on Aug 15, 2017 |

By Megan Ayrault, Power of Touch For Animals

Attention A.C.A.N. Graduates and Candidate Students for Certification:

What would YOU get out of being a T.E.A.M. member?

I was going to write a whole article about this.. I started by writing the summary I thought I would end with. Now, I’m not sure I need the rest of the article!

Here’s the summary. (I’ll add a few lines after, to share a few more details.)

To sum it up, here’s why I started the Power of Touch T.E.A.M Membership…

What I see now in the animal wellness/bodywork/energywork World. (At least, for most people who are not yet a TEAM member. 😉

• Animal wellness professionals (at least, non-veterinarians. And maybe many of them, too?) going through their training together with like-minded souls, and feeling excited to follow in the footsteps of others to start their own business helping animals… And then finding the “footsteps” are not so easy to find, let alone follow. (If they even exist?)

• The camaraderie with fellow students and teachers from their training (if they had it) seems to be fading. They realize now they’re on their own to make a business work. Or not.

• New, and even experienced, professionals wanting to reach out to colleagues, yet at the same time feeling some reluctance, even insecurities?, because others are now “competition” for seemingly limited clients. (Or they may view you as competition, even if you don’t.)

• Running into a wide variety of practitioners (different modalities, range of skill and experience levels, varied success in growing clientele, ….) and not feeling very connected with any of them.

• So many questions, and so many decisions to be made!

• Limited in potential colleague relationships to who’s in your geographic area, maybe plus the few fellow students from your school you may have managed to keep in touch with.

• Wondering (at least at times) whether this choice of business even makes sense after all?

What I see for the future, with T.E.A.M. support.

• New and experienced professionals finding the same camaraderie and excitement they felt when they were in their training programs, and now in a more sustainable format for long-term support (and fun).

• A community where all levels of experience can find ideas, mentoring, motivation and inspiration- because we all need it. Always.

• A community where all levels of experience, and especially the more experienced, can find opportunities to “give back” by helping not only their clients, but also their Profession (by supporting colleagues, and helping to grow public awareness). (And as we know, we always benefit ourselves, too, in the process of “giving back”!)

• A system of support designed to keep the wheels turning for your progress. And a boost always available if you do lose momentum, and need a push (and some cheering) to get you going again.

• Resources that combine strategies and mindset (because they work together).

• Resources that support both personal and business education and growth (because they work together).

• A community where our differences in background, training, style and experience become an asset for all of us (and for the animals), rather than a basis for judging or being judged.

So that’s the TEAM!

A few more details for you?

T.E.A.M. Members get every month:
• A new lesson every month to help you in both business and personal development (in the areas they intersect, which are many!)
• A suggested exercise to implement the focus of that month’s lesson.
• A Q&A coaching call led by experienced mentors, and occasional featured guests.
• Access to Archives of all past lessons and calls.
• Topics of lessons and calls have included (so far): Building referral relationships, creating a business plan, pricing strategies, communicating with clients, marketing, case studies, Clarity, creating a Facebook page, Being Your Own Boss, Listening, Balancing Yin and Yang, Meeting Resistance, and more, …. and more to come!
• Community Forums AND private TEAM Facebook group, for questions, collaboration, sharing ideas, and general connecting and moral support!

Does any of this sound interesting to you?
Then I hope you’ll join the T.E.A.M. while it’s open to new members now, through August 19th,
and check it out for yourself (with a 25% discount)!

Go to this page for an overviewand for the link to the registration page (which you’ll find in the “Course Description” section).

There’s no commitment to stay any longer than you wish.

If you decide to cancel anytime, your access will last for 30 days after your last payment.

Hope to see you in the membership!

Megan Ayrault



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