Cats Prove What THEY Want To Eat

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Cats Prove What THEY Want To Eat

By: Dr. Kim Bloomer, Certified Animal Naturopath & Co-founder of American Council of Animal Naturopathy

The interesting thing about this study is they seemed to primarily focus on the differences between kibble and canned food for cats even though they admit that cats are indeed obligate carnivores: Largest Study Confirms What Pet Cats Really Want to Eat

Even funnier was how they stated that with all the years of domesticity, cats needs had not changed. Well I wonder why they would change, considering they are nearly identical in DNA to their wild cousins? What I also wonder is why living in close proximity to humans is always the consideration for how these studies determine the evolution of dogs and cats especially?

A dog is a dog is a dog. A cat is a cat is a cat no matter how long they live in close proximity/ to or domesticity with human beings. Of course that’s in part based on the fact that science believes humans evolved from apes. I am not one that falls into that belief camp.

Cats will hunt if allowed outdoors. Cats that are never allowed outside and subjected to being fed ONLY a commercial processed junk food diet all their lives typically have many health (and often behavioral) issues not the least being kidney and liver problems.

The Pottenger Cat Study done many years ago already proved all this (with the exception of isolating the necessity of taurine in the feline diet), so these studies being done are either redundant or for marketing a particular product purpose. But now even Pottenger’s Study is being bastardized by those who insist on feeding COOKED food to their obligate CARNIVORES otherwise known as cats.
At any rate, feeding any animal what they were designed to eat is the most loving, kind AND healthy thing we can do for our pets. And the most abusive is to subject them to our ideals and accepted beliefs for ourselves – which completely dishonors them as a species if for example we are vegan, vegetarian or own interest in a pet food company. We need to put aside self-focused, selfish human ideals and allow our animals to be what they are and that includes feeding them what THEY need to thrive. And with cats, because they are an obligate carnivore – which means they are OBLIGATED to eat RAW meat and bones – then if we can’t deal with that, then get an herbivore pet instead.

A great ebook I am always recommending to people is Raw Fed Cats by Linda Zurich. You can find it on her website at She explains all the how-tos as well as her own personal journey. And her cats are living proof of how awesome it is when we honor THEIR nature according to THEIR needs, not ours for their health and well being.

Photo attribution: provided by Linda Zurich of Raw Fed Cats