Certified Animal Health Coach (equine & small animal)

Gain nationally recognized qualifications as a Natural Animal Health Coach (equine and small animal) CANC with our animal naturopathy focused certification program via online distance learning.


Course Description


Certified Natural Animal Health Coach/Animal Naturopathy

Naturopathy is NOT a method for health, it is a lifestyle that encourages and builds health!

This certification program will educate you in the philosophy of animal naturopathy, basic anatomy and physiology of dogs, cats and horses, the natural laws of health, carnivore and equine nutrition, the adverse effects of vaccinations and a basic introduction to some natural healing modalities and chemical alternatives. The goal of this course will be for the student to gain a working understanding of how to support a healthy lifestyle – mind, body and spirit, for dogs,cats and horses that effectively combines the properties of physical function, immunity and mental wellness as an animal naturopath/natural animal health coach/consultant/practitioner.

Is This Program For You?

The principles of animal naturopathy state that the body has the ability to heal itself by its vital force; disease is the resistance by this force to abnormal conditions in the body, disturbing the normal functioning of its organs and tissues and, naturopathy is a holistic modality which approaches the animal as a whole and not merely the symptoms of the complaint. Unlike traditional systems of medicine, naturopathy supports the philosophy of preventive health and natural care as found in the laws of nature.

We invite you to take one or more of our free introductory classes to get an idea of what we teach BEFORE committing to taking our certification programs.

Our certification programs are rigorous, challenging and engaging. Not only will we transform the way you think about natural animal health, we will transform the way you feel about helping animals to truly thrive!

This certification course combines all the classes/courses designated as Small Animal and Equine into one complete program in order to achieve a certification in both the small animal and equine studies.

This combined course consists of eight accredited class units:

  1. Philosophy of Animal Naturopathy
  2. Carnivore Nutrition
  3. Equine Nutrition
  4. Better Understanding of Vaccines (with Equine specific Addendum)
  5. Naturopathic Approach to Pests & Parasites (with Equine specific addendum)
  6. The Metal-less Horse
  7. Introduction to Natural Healing Modalities
  8. Animal Naturopathy Consulting/Natural Animal Health Coaching

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Please Note:

There is a three-year time limit on completion of all Certification Programs. We do understand extenuating circumstances, and any reasonable request for a time extension on course work completion will be reviewed individually.

A computer (or laptop) and a basic technical knowledge of working online is required for our classes and courses. The longer audios in our classes will not download on to a mobile device.

As in most educational courses, the student will be required to purchase books and/or DVDs in addition to the course/module fee. Each class has its own required text book reading as well as essays or projects that are used to determine a passing grade before the student can proceed to the next class.

The cost of these materials will vary with each class module. As you enter other classes the costs may drop or rise depending on the class as you will have some of the materials from previous class modules now in your possession.

Online Course Refund Policy

Potential students should take one or more of our free introductory classes to get an idea of what we teach and carefully review our class and certification course outlines prior to enrolling. If you have any questions about the suitability of the content and whether our programs are for you, please e-mail us through our contact form during normal business hours 10:00 am to 6:00 pm MT Monday through Friday.

Due to the nature of online content, we do NOT issue refunds for our classes or courses once a username and password have been issued. There are NO exceptions.

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NOTE: Even though the American Council of Animal Naturopathy is a privately owned and operated entity, we still uphold the first amendment in respecting and protecting the religious liberty rights of our instructors and students of all faiths or none. You may find statements within the books, articles, audios or videos within the class work that speak of personal spiritual beliefs of the author or speaker.

A.C.A.N. Certified Animal Naturopaths, Animal Health Coaches and practitioners certified in animal naturopathy or nutrition do not provide medical diagnosis, prescribe medications or perform surgical procedures. A.C.A.N. expects Certified Animal Naturopaths and those certified in animal naturopathy only provide the professional services set out in the Scope of Practice and strictly adhere to the Code of Ethics identified on this website. A.C.A.N. cannot be held responsible for anyone not acting within the Scope of Practice or not adhering to the Code of Ethics herein.