Code of Ethics

The American Council of Animal Naturopathy’s Code of Ethics is at the heart of our organizational policies: A.C.A.N. requires all those earning a certificate or being certified as consultants, practitioners and/or educators, to adhere to this code.


Above all, I will strive to do no harm.

I will practice the healing power of nature.

I will address the whole animal, recognizing that animals are physical, mental and spiritual beings.

I will not diagnose illness, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery unless properly authorized, and licensed to do so pursuant to the applicable law for the state in the United States in which I practice.

I will educate my clients to take full responsibility for their animal’s health, and I will promote the understanding that healing comes from within.

I will not discriminate against clients or professionals based on race, religion, age, sex, handicaps, national ancestry, sexual orientation or economic conditions.

I will abide by all state and local laws and will report to the ACAN any criminal convictions regarding myself or regarding any other ACAN certified practitioner of which I have personal knowledge.

I will not exceed my scope of practice, either in abilities or by law.

I will strive to be objective in the treatments of animals and performance of duties, recognizing the rights of all persons and my own limitations.

I will pursue education on a continuing basis in order to improve my knowledge and skills as an animal naturopath.

I will provide clients with full disclosure regarding the scope of my practice and my training and experience.

I will not use misleading, deceptive, irresponsible or fraudulent statements or advertising.

Download our Code of Ethics and Scope of Practice HERE


The American Council of Animal Naturopathy is privately owned and operated, not government funded.