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American Council of Animal Naturopathy LLC P O Box 15505, Rio Rancho, NM 87174-5505

Section 1 The person hereinafter called student, whose signature appears below, declares to be above the age of eighteen, residing at the address, city, state, and country below, acknowledges that he/she has read the contents of this agreement in full, agrees to the contents, and understands the tuition payment arrangement below.
Section 2

Student agrees to terms listed below as indicated by their digital signature at the bottom of this form.

Moreover, student is at least 18 years of age and is in full agreement to personally complete all coursework as prescribed by American Council of Animal Naturopathy, LLC (hereinafter called ACAN, and further understands that a certificate of completion will become invalid (null and void) when coursework is completed by anyone other than said student.

Section 3

ACAN does not accept personal checks for courses or classes unless payment is received in full at time of registration. The check must clear before student will be allowed to begin the coursework. Cashier's Check, Money Order or PayPal is the preferred means of payment.

Section 4

Student understand that the class modules in the certification coursework are enrolled in and tuition paid for one at a time and in the order listed on the website. 

When all the class modules within the certification course have been sucessfully completed and one elective has been sucessfully completed, the student will be invited to schedule sitting for the certification examination.  (the price of the exam is included when ALL the classes have been sucessfully completed)

Student understands that certification shall not be granted until and unless all the required coursework and essays are successfully completed in the order stated on the website, until a minimum one elective is sucessfully completed and the certification exam has been taken and passed.

Section 5

Student fully understands that tuition does not include the cost of text books or the certification examination which must be purchased separately by the student.

Section 6

Student fully understands that a certificate of any kind earned from ACAN shall not be construed as a doctorate degree or license to practice in any city, state, province or country. Notwithstanding, student agrees to comply with all applicable city, state, provincial and country regulations, where he/she is domiciled, which may include, but not be limited to those ordinances required by the aforementioned agencies.

Section 7

Student understands that there are no refunds once they have logged into the classwork. There are no exceptions.

Section 8

Student understands and agrees to all provisions and requirements specified herein.

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Please be sure to carefully review the class and/or the certification course outlines prior to enrolling. If you have any questions about the suitability of the content and whether our programs are right for you, please e-mail us through our contact form during normal business hours 10:00 am to 6:00 pm MT, Monday through Friday.

Due to the nature of online content, we will not issue refunds for our classes or courses once a username and password have been issued. NO exceptions!