Partners in Education

Continuing Education Options

The American Council of Animal Naturopathy (A.C.A.N.) requires all certifed practitioners/graduates to continue to increase their knowledge base on a yearly basis.   The more you know, the better you can serve animals.

No single,natural healing modality stand alone. It is best to have many resources available.

The following is a list of A.C.A.N. approved educational partners that provide courses and/or classes for continuing education that we have approved for our students:


Approved Educational Partners


Angel’s Animals – Holistic Animal Studies




Holistic Animal Courses in canine and equine Kinesiology tape, animal neuro-myofascial Release technique and equine massage.



Animal Iridology Center

Online iridology classes taught by Dr. Mercedes Colburn in both equine and small animal.


Natural Animal Centre

Natural Animal Centre




Bach Animal Practitioner Online Course – This is the course for anyone who wants to help animals using the Bach Flower Remedies.

APPLIED animal behaviour Online Course – we take all the complexity of scientific animal behaviour research and extract what you need to become a great behaviourist.


Power Of Touch

Power Of Touch For Animals





Providing you with the education and resources you seek in caring for and learning about the animals in your life with massage and related therapies.


Ojai School of Canine Massage

Ojai School of Canine Massage







A state approved school in California teaching massage for small animals with both a distance learning and onsite program.Our online Canine Massage certification course allows you to learn a new profession from your home and at your own pace.


NE Indiana Equine Sports Massage and Rehab

Offering  Equine Sports Massage Therapy Certification classes – hands on and/or Home Study Courses available.



Dedicated to Lifetime Learning and Sharing Knowledge…
Offering an introductory course which covers the fundamentals of canine communication from a holistic perspective. Students will gain knowledge of the meaning of canine body language and sound communication that can be used to outline emotional states.


Health 4 Animals

The integrative study of heilkunst and homeopathy, anthroposophy, species-appropriate nutrition and environment.


MNHA Equine Body Balancing-Massage School

Teaching Equine Body Balancing and Massage- Hands on and home-study courses available.


Spirits In Transition

Part 1 & Part 2 – Approaching Animal Hospice: Geriatric and Special Needs Care for Animals



Offering a variety of Equine and Canine Anatomy and Behavior Courses. Also offering a Horse and Rider First Aid Course.


If there is a course, class or seminar you are interested in taking for an elective or continuing education that is not listed here, please email us with details of the seminar/course or class and the organization offering it and the board will look into approving it.

Remember, A.C.A.N. will be always adding more approved courses and webinar providers, and will periodically offer some courses, webinars or seminars ourselves. that will be worth CEs.

A.C.A.N. will accept documents such as letters, certificates, and diplomas that indicate that you have successfully completed a course of study or taken seminars/webinars elsewhere.


Even though the American Council of Animal Naturopathy is a privately owned and operated entity, we still uphold the first amendment in respecting and protecting the religious liberty rights of our instructors and students of all faiths or none. You may find statements within the books, articles, audios or videos within the class work that speak of personal spiritual beliefs of the author or speaker.