What are the requirements or pre-requisites to take one of the certification courses?

The only requirements are that the student be a high school graduate or at least 18 years of age, have a computer (or a laptop or an iPad), able to read, write and understand the English language and have a basic knowledge of working online. The certification courses are designed to educate you no matter what level of current knowledge you may have. They are in-depth preparatory, college level learning modules designed to qualify you to take the board certification examination and be certified in animal health coaching, consulting and education.

I don’t live in the continental United States, will I still be able to take your classes and/or courses?

Yes, as long as you have a computer or iPad, internet access, (our courses are now also available on iPad however the longer audios can only be listened to on a computer, they do not download to mobile devices) and you can understand, read and write the English language you will be able to take our courses. They are all available online and accessible any day of the week, 24/7 on demand for our enrolled students. There are no time constraints – work at your own pace!

I don’t have a computer but I have a Kindle – Can I still access the classes?

No, our courses and classes are only available on computers and some mobile devices at this time.

What courses are available to take?

A.C.A.N. has both full certifying courses and individual learning modules suitable for either your own knowledge of caring for companion animals naturally in which you can earn a certificate of completion. You can find a full listing of our certification courses and individual class modules on our “Certification Courses” page and more information on our individual classes, CE and electives can be found on our “Classes/Electives/CE” page.

Do you have any type of payment plans available for your Certification classes?

No we don’t. Only one class is to paid for and taken at a time and they are affordably priced at $357.00 per class module. Once all of the class modules within the certification course are sucessfully completed you will be invited to take the certificaton examination – the price of the exam and mailing proof of certification is covered in the price of taking all the classes within the course.

Are there any supplies or books that need to be purchased separately?

Yes, as in most educational courses, you will be required to purchase books and/or DVDs in addition to the course/module fee. Each class has its own required text-book reading as well as essays or projects that are used by the instructors to determine a passing grade before proceeding to the next class.

What are the costs of books or DVDs for the classes?

The cost of these materials will vary with each class module. As you enter other classes the costs may drop or rise depending on the class as you will have some of the materials from previous class modules now in your possession. The cost will also depend on whether you purchase the book(s) or other materials used or new and some students have found that they already have on more of the required books in their library. A rough estimate of additional costs for books or materials is around $70.00 give or take.

Where do I purchase the books or DVDs required for the classes?

That is up to the individual student however, all of the required books and most of  the few DVDs are available on Amazon.com

I don’t see the names of the books required for the classes on the website – how do I know what I will need to purchase?

Once you have enrolled, paid your tuition for the first class and been sent your welcome letter and login information, you will have access to the class syllabus, along with the books required as you log in to begin the online study.

If I pay in full and upfront for a certification course, will I then have access to all the classes in the course?

No, we no longer accept full payment up front for all of the certification classes. The student will only have access to one class module at a time as paid for and enrolled in.  Then, as the student successfully completes all the online work, power point presentations, audios, videos and book reading within the class, they are required to submit an essay on that class before payment and enrollment in the next class is accepted.

What if I don’t care about being certified, I just want to learn for my own knowledge?

No problem! Just take the individual classes modules you are interested in.

What is an Animal Health Coach?

A.C.A.N. has the first and only educational training in natural/holistic animal health coaching in the world. A Certified Animal Health Coach is a natural animal wellness authority and supportive mentor. Animal Health Coaches educate and support clients to define and achieve their pet’s health and wellness goals through, species appropriate nutrition, lifestyle and behavior adjustments. Very similar to a Health Coach for people only focused on preventative wellness for animals. Learn more about animal health coaching HERE

Once a full certification course is completed, will I then be certified in that area?

Not yet, once a full certification course has been completed successfully, you will be invited to schedule a day where you have 8 hours to sit for the  board examination.  (the exam is available online) When the examination is successfully passed you will be granted certification in that area of knowledge.

Is there an additional cost for the certification examination or is it included in the tuition for the certification courses?

No, The cost of the certification examination is included in the tuition when the student enrolls in a full certification course, has taken an elective and sucessfully completed all of the class modules within the certificagion course they have enrolled in.

What if I just want to learn about natural/naturopathic health for my own pets? Do I have to take the certification examination?

No. You can take just the individual class modules of your choice in the subjects you are most interested in OR take our popular Holistic Wellness For Dogs (Pet owner class) program.

How long do the individual class modules take to complete?

Time required to complete a class is totally dependent on the amount of time you have to devote to study.

Are there exams or quizzes to be taken at the completion of each the classes?

Yes, each individual class has a quiz at the end, based on all the material within that class. Quizzes must be passed with a 100% before you will earn the certificate of completion in that class.

What kind of coursework or assignments will be expected of me if I am studying to be certified?

When the student has gone through all the power point presentations, listened to the audios, watched any videos or DVDs  and read the required reading for that particular class module, the student will then be required to exhibit what they have learned by passing the quiz at the end of the class.   There are however,  two classes within the certification courses  that will require at least one project to be turned in and the consulting course requires mock consultations and an essay that the student will have to write and send in for evaluation.  The Introduction to Natural Healing Modalities and the consulting/coaching class (which is only available for those enrolled in one of our certification programs/courses)

What if I do not receive a passing grade on classwork or an assignment?

You will be allowed to take the quiz again if you do not pass with a 100% the first time. We are not trying to ‘catch you out’. We want you to enjoy your studies and achieve the success you deserve. We help and encourage everyone to be successful. Our role is to ‘educate our students’.

Will becoming certified in animal naturopathy or coaching qualify me to treat or prescribe treatment for an animal?

NO, IT WILL NOT. Only a licensed veterinarian is legally able to diagnose, prescribe and/or treat an animal. Animal health coaches or animal naturopaths are not legally able to do these things; instead, we educate, guide and support animal owners via consultations, webinars, classes or writting about natural ways to spark, support and maintain a strong immune system in their animal.

What does being certified in animal naturopathy give me the title and privilege to do?

Being certified in small animal or equine (or both)  animal naturopathy or as a natural animal health coach,- provides assurance to the public that those certified by the American Council Animal Naturopathy have successfully completed an approved educational program and an evaluation process assessing their ability to provide quality natural care in his/her specialty area in natural animal health. The student will have gained the knowledge and ability to do consultations and to teach/educate others in natural animal health. It is NOT a license to practice veterinary medicine. Certification will prove that you are educated and knowledgeable in animal naturopathy and can incorporate it into your existing work with animals or begin your own natural animal health coaching business.

We are accredited by the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.  Once the student has been certified by us, they are then eligable to be certifed by them as well.

Is your certification, similar to earning  a degree?

The intent of certification is to provide assurance to the public that those who are certified by the American Council Animal Naturopathy have successfully completed an approved educational program and an evaluation process assessing their ability to provide quality care in his/her specialty.

Certification is the cornerstone of a successful career. Because even if you work in a state that does not require certification, the A.C.A.N. certification establishes you as a dedicated professional with the knowledge and skills to uphold high standards of excellence in animal naturopathy.

Do I have to travel anywhere to take a Certification Examination?

No, the examination will be made available to you online.

Are practical or hands on workshops required for the courses?

None of A.C.A.N.s modules or courses require actual “hands on training. However you will be required to send us notes on a project in the modalities class and either actual or mock consultation examples in the consulting business class.

Once certified in small animal naturopathy, equine naturopathy or animal naturopathy, will I be required to take continuing education to keep my certification current?

Yes, continuing education is required yearly for re-certification. ACAN has a listing of approved CE providers and will keep the list of providers, upcoming seminars, webinars, etc. updated for both online and offline availability.

How long do your certification courses take to complete?

This depends on the individual student and the time they want to put into study. While many individuals come to us with some knowledge of the subject/subjects they will be studying, others may be starting from a beginner level. For this reason time-frames will vary, also every individual has a different threshold for learning and some modules will take longer to complete due to the amount of content.  Allowing the student to study at their own pace gives them the opportunity to produce their best work under the most ‘favorable, relaxed conditions.  We do have a three year time limit on the certification courses but we will give extensions, when notified, if needed.  This said, you may view each individual course’s contents, including the average hours it would take to complete it, on it’s landing page.

What if something should happen and I am not able to finish a class of the full certification course, may I get a refund?

No, there are no refunds. Due to the nature of online content, we cannot issue refunds for our classes or courses once a username and password have been issued.

If I pay upfront for an entire certification course but decide I don’t want to finish it as I believe I already know what you are teaching, may I get a refund for the classes not yet taken and just take the certification exam?

No, we do not give refunds for any reason – no exceptions. We state on all of the class and course pages that we suggest you look over the course outline and ask any questions you may regarding the classes or courses PRIOR to enrolling with us.

Is there any support or contact with the instructors or other students once I have enrolled in a certification program?

YES! We have an online study group available where students, alumni and instructors are available for guidance and support.


Online Course Refund Policy

Potential students should carefully review our class and certification course outlines prior to enrolling. If you have any questions about the suitability of the content and whether our programs are for you, please e-mail us through our contact form during normal business hours 9:00 am to 5:00 pm MT Monday through Friday.

Due to the nature of online content, we cannot issue refunds for our classes or courses once a username and password have been issued. NO exceptions!

Even though the American Council of Animal Naturopathy is a privately owned and operated entity, we still uphold the first amendment in respecting and protecting the religious liberty rights of our instructors and students of all faiths or none. You may find statements within the books, articles, audios or videos within the class work that speak of personal spiritual beliefs of the author or speaker.