Fear is the Real Sickness

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Fear is the Real Sickness

By Dr. Kim Bloomer, co-founder of American Council of Animal Naturopathy

Something I experience time and time again, in this natural, whole health journey (in both animal and human health) is the level of fear that permeates it from those transitioning from conventional thinking. It’s because the conventional model sees germs around every corner, viruses lurking waiting to invade, fungi ready to overtake bodies, etc. It is a war-like model. Avoid. Counter. Strategize. Evade. By all and any means attack, counter-attack, FIGHT until you hope you win. It’s an “us against them” mentality grounded, founded, based in FEAR. What attracted me to natural, whole health (aka naturopathy) was/is that it PROMOTES health based in TRUSTof nature’s ways (God’s mandates). It invited me into a song, a dance, a harmony, a symphony, a synergy I had never experienced in the conventional model.

The longer I have been involved in this way of thinking and lifestyle, the more I have come to realize that yes, as medical doctor Kelly Brogan postulates in her article, “Fear is the Sickness” fear is indeed the REAL sickness. By design. With the invasion of the pharmaceutical companies into funding of the schools, this fear has been taught (and indoctrinated deeply) to the doctors who will then pass that same thinking onto their patients. Sometimes once a patient or a veterinary client receives the diagnosis, the fear sets in and that fear is what actually may escalate the very disease diagnosed – the thoughts that take over dictate how we respond or react to what we believe to be true. Something to note is that facts aren’t always the truth. The fact may indeed be a diagnosis of cancer but the truth is restoration has always available to receive without the war using invasive procedures and toxins.

Worse, this thinking invades every aspect of our life through every form of media creating this cloud of fear and distrust of nature. In fact I read one person’s response to natural health as quackery and that science and synthetic drugs (which are considered toxins by the body) to be greater than anything in nature. To be better because they can be regulated rather than varying as herbs and other natural support to life on the planet. To believe that vaccines have saved us and cured us when in fact the exact opposite is the truth. In fact it showed to me her very lack of knowledge how the body was designed to work as well as how nature was designed. It was very ignorant while being very arrogant all at once. That has also been taught and indoctrinated by design. Which is why fear is so pervasive.Trust not Fight

We all know about Hitler right? We know he ruled by the most terrifying fear as do most dictators. This is what his propaganda minister had to say – I hope you see the correlation and know this has not ended with his death but is continuing today through government, medicine, etc: “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.” ~Joseph Goebbels

The word “quack” is derived from the term quacksalver. It is an old, outdated name for quicksilver (mercury) which is what is typically used in vaccines and dental amalgams. So term the “quack” would more appropriately apply to those who administer vaccines and dental amalgams.

Symptoms in natural health are merely the alert system so we can follow the roadmap to discovery and then correct back to health.

Sadly though, and more recently it seems fear is rising and being promoted in natural health as well. Why? So in part, more natural health products can be sold and those doing so can establish themselves as THE expert. I use a variety of things as part of a whole health lifestyle for myself, husband and dogs myself. We eat species appropriate food just as our dogs do. We eat as clean as possible those foods such as organically grown, local produce over GMO pesticide laden junk, very little processed foods and so on. Our dogs only receive a SARF diet of raw meat, bones and organs. We follow the laws of health (check out this free class we have on this subject: https://courses.animalnaturopathycouncil.com/courses/introduction-to-philosophy-of-animal-naturopathy.

I get the need to support ourselves and of course many want to be uber successful doing so – hopefully for the benefit of the animals and people they serve not just their own pockets. Again more do than don’t but the fear mongering is still being perpetrated increasingly. Fear motivates people to do things they may not do otherwise. I suppose the natural health community has felt the lack and has watched and learned from the conventional how to promote a “healthier” income. I get that but I don’t believe resorting to fear is the HEALTHYsolution.Anger vs Laughter

There are now so many forums available in every form of social media with every wind of doctrine that integrates, separates, complicates everything so that you feel you need LOADS of products and LOTS of guidance. My heart and passion is to empower you so you won’t need to depend on me. So you can make your own informed decisions. To show you how to keep it simple and to embrace the laws of health. Yes, I do sell some products but primarily classes that do indeed empower both pet owners and those who want to coach/consult others who may desire hand-holding guidance.

I had and have mentors also but I have learned how to discern and reason through things. To THINK things through so I pass that onto clients and students. To help others step into their sound minds releasing the fear and embracing trust with truth.

As one of my friends said recently to me:

Yes, society thinks there is a pill for anything………lol, but we have to detox and support our body with the right nutrition, keep our bodies high vibrationally, etc etc, all the right support or forget it. Teaching that and that cancer isn’t something you “catch”……..to work on breast “health” awareness etc………..so tired of all the focus on illness, people have to get the thinking switched to supporting wellness not fighting sickness.” ~Laurie Dawson

The body heals with play. The mind heals with laughter and the spirit heals with joy.” ~A Proverb

I know how I have learned to turn from fear into trust – and I did not do it alone. I lean into and on my Savior, Jesus.

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