Featured ACAN Certified Practitioner – August, 2017

Posted By Dr. Jeannie Thomason on Aug 15, 2017 |

Kristin Clark – Certified Small Animal Naturopath & Carnivore Nutrition Coach is our featured Certified Practitioner this month.

Kristin Clark discovered the field of animal naturopathy while searching for ways to help ease her dog Barkley’s chronic and severe health issues. Naturopathy and its tenets made a great deal of sense to her, and as she started to implement them, she saw drastic improvement in all of her dogs’ health. Because she has had pets and foster dogs that have struggled with various health problems, she knows how hard it can be to find help for them using conventional means.

Kristin has found her passion and her bliss in educating and empowering other pet parents in helping their pets live optimally and thrive by addressing the root cause of their pet’s problems instead of following the conventional route of symptom suppression. Kristin is excited to learn and grow with each new client she works with, and she remains committed to helping each client get their dog balanced, and thriving.

Kristin is also a published author (Let Food Be Their Medicine…) and has an online magazine called Raw Pet Digest, which contains a wealth of information about how to help support your carnivore pet in achieving health and wellness naturally.

For more information about Kristin and her business, you can visit her at:  www.caninehealthpromotion.com to learn more.

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