Flash Sale – Naturopathic Approach To Pests & Parasites

!!! Flash Sale !!!

Naturopathic Approach To Pests & Parasites (Small Animal)

Monday April 18th – Wednesday April 20th 2016 ONLY

The tuition for this class has been slashed in price by 20% for three days only. – $285.59!

Nature’s remedies and solutions for pests and parasites in and/or on our companion animals

The risks associated with chemical based pesticide treatments are devastating to our companion animals and the reality is that there is simply no chemical-based pest control pill, dip, spot-on, shampoo, or collar that has no potential dangerous side effects.

Learn about the pests and parasites that affect pets, what they do and how to deal with them safely, yet effectively, as well as how to work with the pet’s own innate immune system to prevent parasite infestations from occurring in the first place.

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