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We have been so blessed to have such amazing and stellar students joining the American Council of Animal Naturopathy (A.C.A.N.) and one of our newest students, Thomas Sandberg, is no exception to what has become a hard and fast rule with our school. Thomas is the Founder of Long Living Pets Research Projects, to prove out how dogs fed a species appropriate raw meat, bones and organ diet not only thrive but also living longer and healthier lives. The Odin Project is the project that is specific to this study.

Additionally the other two projects focus on cancer prevention and cancer help of which you can find more information about by going to the website (see it hyperlinked above).

Thomas’s own personal experiences with all of this is what led him to begin this incredible journey to not only help his own dogs but to help others’ as well. Once you get the privilege of talking or communicating with Thomas in any way, you will realize his love, concern and compassion for mankind’s best friend, the canine.

Thomas has six dogs of his own and two cats and all are currently thriving on the diet they were designed to eat. While he is VERY knowledgeable and an avid researcher, he is studying with us to bring more credibility, organization and focus to his extensive knowledge.

Something to note is that Thomas is doing this project for free but he needs donations if the project is to continue. We encourage you all to consider any type of donation in order to see this project fully funded. Thomas is not a non-profit, he is a zero profit though! So you won’t be able to write-off your donation but you can both participate by registering your own dogs, sharing the ebook he wrote to help those new to raw feeding, and support a long-needed project that will never gain the hugely needed funding from any other avenue due to interests that don’t desire for people to know the benefits of feeding our animals according to their species needs.

You will be supporting a needed and worthy cause – and helping dogs live longer, healthier lives! That alone is reason enough to donate and support his time-intensive research.

We were also privileged to have Thomas as our guest on our podcast, Animal Talk Naturally recently, you can listen to the recorded, edited version right here on this page (just click the audio above).

We applaud Thomas for taking on the added burden of his studies with ACAN as well and would love to see as many support this noble endeavor as possible. Visit his website at where you can read his personal story there as well as register your own dogs in the project, donate and pick up a copy of his ebook for yourself or to gift to someone you whose dogs will appreciate you doing so 🙂

Thank you.

In health and wellness,
ACAN Co-Founder,
Dr. Kim Bloomer

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