Infusing Group Energy Into Your Business (and Your Life)

Posted By Dr. Jeannie Thomason on Aug 1, 2017 |

By: Megan Ayrault – Power Of Touch For Animals

So in the last newsletter, I said I would share more about why Group Energy is critical to fuel your own business (and personal) growth,and make it more sustainable.  And that I would include some suggestions, in addition to the TEAM Membership,for how to find or create it.

This is especially important if you’re a “solopreneur”, and don’t have the team element of workplace colleagues and/or employees, which is most likely the case for your natural animal wellness business!

Why is some version of Group Energy critical? 

I’m sure I could list many reasons, but rather than make you read a book right now, I’ll just share one. One that is critical if you want your business to get off the ground, and be sustainable. And it’s true whether “sustainable” means full-time, part-time,
or even “serious hobby” (still important and worth making sustainable!)….

One key to the success and sustainability of any business is consistency. There must be consistent action taken in order to create some momentum, whether a little, or a lot. Without the consistency, it’s as if you’re constantly having to “start all over.”
Because you are!

I’m sure you’ve had an experience, whether personal or business, of working towards a goal, building momentum, making progress, and then….something interrupts your new pattern, your flow, and weeks or months (or years?) later, you wonder,
what happened to that progress you were making? And now you have to start all over?

We generally do much better at being consistent when there are others involved, whether it’s an employer (or employee), a coach, a team, a child, an animal for that matter! But when we’re “by ourselves,” working on our own goals, nothing “external” to keep us on track, or get us back on track reasonably soon, well, it’s easy to lose whatever forward momentum we may have managed to create (if we had even gotten that far).

With others involved, on the other hand, we get layers and layers of benefits, especially over time. Whether with shared projects, or simply shared conversations, and in some cases with active and conscious support and mentoring. We get regular reminders of what we are working for, and why.

We get to think in new ways, as we hear what others are doing and thinking, and as they ask us questions about what we’re up to. New ideas about exactly what we want, what we’re doing, what strategies might work best, at what stage, what next steps make the most sense for now, etc.

We also get regular reminders of how much progress we’ve made, which is a wonderful way to “refuel” our Energy!
We get these reminders both directly, when others support us by pointing them out to us, and indirectly, because we’re seeing what others are up to. And the truth is, there are always some folks “ahead” of us, and some folks following in our footsteps.

Of course, we get the synergy of the fact that not only are “two heads are better than one”, two heads are better than 1+1 !

And probably not last, and definitely not least, even apart from the actual support, ideas, prompts, reminders….
we also just have a very different psychological state as part of a Group. A different Energy state. With the awareness of being part of something bigger behind us, we play a Bigger Game.

And when we lapse or lag, (which we always will at times, because that’s how Energy works!) the connection to the Group helps us not get stuck for too long in that “lower” Energy state. (Which, by the way, does have it’s own value. But that’s another topic.
For now let’s just say, we don’t want to get stuck there for too long.)

So with that, here are my top 4 suggestions for incorporating some version of Group Energy into your own business.
You may want to choose one, but you’re not limited to one! They’re each a bit different, and can complement each other very well.

1. The Power of Touch T.E.A.M. Membership
(You know by now, this is my favorite, so I may as well list it first!) Benefits for you include, well, all of the above!
Those are the benefits I’ve experienced from Group Energy in various forms in my past (and present), and they’re the benefits I’ve designed TEAM to provide. Plus, TEAM is specifically for animal wellness professionals. Caveat, it’s particularly designed for animal Touch/Bodywork/Energywork professionals. We do talk about questions related to bodywork in some of the calls and lessons, though the majority of the content and benefits relate very well to other animal service businesses that are non-bodywork (wellness coaching, pet sitting, training, grooming, …).
There will also soon be a new Power of Touch membership to support non-professionals with Group Energy, too. (I can keep you posted about that if you’re interested.)

2. Creating your own Mastermind group
I won’t go into detail about HOW to do this, but there are many resources and articles online. I suggest googling “start a mastermind” and you’ll find plenty to help you get started. Keep in mind that it is NOT critical that your mastermind be other animal wellness professionals, or even animal-related businesses. You can benefit hugely from Group Energy no matter what the other businesses are. Or even if it’s more personal-oriented than business (depending on what you want to get out of it).
Advantages of an in-person mastermind include the fact that it’s in-person! Keep in mind that there’s a big difference between a mastermind, and a networking group. You may end up with some referrals from mastermind partners quite naturally, but don’t attempt to combine the intentions of what the group is about. A great size for an in-person mastermind is 4-7, though more or less can also work.

3. Join an association (AADP, NBCAAM, IAAMB, IEBWA, IAATH, ABMP)
Benefits for you can vary, depending on the association, so you have to check each one out individually. One reason to join is, again, being part of something bigger than just yourself has a real impact on your Energy, though it may be in subtle ways. Some will also offer very practical member benefits. And for all of them, since they’re about promoting animal wellness and complementary care (or in the case of ABMP, promoting massage and bodywork), they’re also worth supporting!

4. Networking
There are many formal and less formal business networking groups. Start by visiting a variety before you decide which one suits you and your business best. (You can google MeetUp groups, or BNI, or “business networking near me,” for example.) The commitment of time, money and work varies quite a bit. Depending on what those are, you may be able to participate in several groups, or just one. Networking has some benefits I’ve talked about with Group Energy, though I would say much less so than a membership or a mastermind. Still, you will become, through conversations, more clear about your own goals and unique talents, and more practiced at communicating them. And of course, you also may get some good business referrals in the process!

Thank you for reading this, and for thinking about how you can infuse more Group Energy into your business. I would love to hear from you if you have and comments or questions for me. And of course, I would love to welcome you into the TEAM membership if you’d like to join us at the next opening!



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