Medical Monopoly and the Rabbit Hole

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Welcome guest blogger to our Animal Naturopathy News Blog, Erin Dakins, retired registered veterinary technician. These are her segments for the Power Hour Radio Show. Erin calls it as she sees it! Here is her first installment:

Down the rabbit hole, deeper we travel, righteously searching for one thing, and one thing only. It is the only thing that matters during the times we live in…

Discovering the truth however requires an open mind and a willingness to take the indoctrination we have all suffered through and been victims of and face the TRUTH head-on.

Is it not bad enough that the lies, deceptions and frauds have been targeting us and our children – multiple generations have suffered at the hands of a few, but now, in recent years, our pets are on the receiving end of their evil villainly?

You see, allopathic medicine has corrupted veterinary medicine. Last week we began the discussion of allopathic medicine – legalized drug pushers – and how it has come to roost in veterinary medicine.

Our history surrounding medicine has not always been allopathic which was brought to the forefront greed of the few, namely beginning with Rockerfeller through his Rockerfeller Institute. At one time in our history – in the 1800’s – there were thousands of doctors practicing allpopathic medicine along with homeopaths and others who practiced natural medicine utilizing herbs, plants and other natural therapies. The allopathic doctors had to share the wealth so-to-speak with the other doctors and jumped at the chance the Flexner Report offered.

In 1907 the Rockerfeller Institute of Medical Research (and the Carnegie Foundation) along with AMA requested a study be done regarding medical schools, their training programs and practices of actively practicing doctors. A man named Abraham Flexner was tapped to head the study, a man with no medical knowledge what-so-ever but, you see, his brother Simon, was involved heavily with the Rockerfeller Institute. Funny how that works! The study was completed in 1910 and the results are still being felt today.

You see, the Flexner study not only set about to market allopathic doctors as the only REAL doctors, but made it very difficult to become a doctor. The medical schools could not conform and many shut down, leaving only the ones that went with the new guidelines to flourish. In order to become a doctor now, one had to attend four years undergraduate work (brainswashing – Rockerfeller also had his hands in the education pie through Rockerfeller’s General Education Board) followed by 3 years in medical school. They made it such a lengthy and expensive process in hopes that not many would want to become doctors except those that would practice allopathic medicine. They made it so that the medical schools had to have large amounts of expensive equipment which is another reason many medical schools shut their doors.

Because of the Flexner Report, doctors who practiced any natural medicine were then made into villains and referred to as “snake oil salesmen” which a blatant LIE. Many people were in fact scared of the allopathic doctors who killed thousands through “bleeding” patients (to death it would seem) and giving patients mercury – then they really began to die! That is why they had to have a massive marketing campaign to get folks brainwashed into trusting their doctors! The so-called snake oil salesmen and their natural products were villainized and made into quacks in order for the special doctors that would collude with Big Pharma to gain the upper hand and steal the health of the world.

All the death and disease in the name of money!
The marketing ploy has indeed done its job in the past 100 years as many believe only in allopathic medicine where pushing pills and poison is the rule of thumb!! Allopathic medicine does not want CURE, they thrive on disease! Nowadays if one mentions that dirty little four letter word CURE – harassment and jail may await. The medical control grid is firmly established.

This same thing is being done with veterinary medicine through the practice of allopathy by utilizing prescription poisons and vaccines as the routine form of treatment. The marketing campaign in the past 30 or 40 years has elevated the status of the veterinarian to demand respect and higher salaries as they are DOCTORS of VETERINARY MEDICINE, having received extensive training and accreditation. Now then they receive and require the same abject respect and admiration as the doctors who practice on humans. They expect and demand via attitude that we lowly pet owners treat them as gods. They know more than we do, right? If that is right, then why are our babies sicker and dieing younger – the answer to that should be the truth we seek. The gross income has soared in the past years to be on the same level as their counterparts in human medicine. Veterinary practice has now embraced the specialty form of medicine where more money can be generated. The ego trip in other words has hit the vets too! Forget about helping the pets, that went out the door with the bathwater and the baby.

Sadly, veterinary medicine does have its place and is needed but many of the issues they “treat” today could be solved or nonexistent by instructing pet mommies and daddies on proper nutrition, not pushing dangerous pills and vaccinating only minimally or not at all.

So, basically, in a nutshell, you can see where human medicine was corrupted and co-opted by such elite individuals as the Rockerfellers and the Carnegies. The path always leads us in one direction – follow the money. The elite has discovered that we spend major bucks on our pets and they intend to capitalize on it.

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May Yahweh Bless You and Your Critters Too!
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