Pharmaceuticals Create More Illness

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Pharmaceuticals Create More Illness

More and more pharmaceuticals are for sale and if there isn’t a disease to go with the new drugs, well then the pharmaceutical companies invent one. Then they advertise it heavily so that people will either go to their doctors or their veterinarians requesting the drugs for themselves or their animals. Why? Because the advertising is so effective, making everyone believe they must have that symptom.

However, there are now those in the industry who are blowing the whistle on all of this – although the industry will often just seek to wreck the reputation of or somehow discredit the person doing the whistleblowing…and unfortunately the general public will believe it simply because it is on the news. What many people may not realize is that the pharmaceutical industry pays big advertising dollars to the media while offering huge incentives to the “health” care professionals.

Here is the story of one whistle blower: Former Pharma Rep Blows the Whistle: Prescription Drug Industry a Scam.

If nothing else, these companies will character assassinate any dissenters. If only people would wake up and realize:

1. These companies make money selling drugs through fear-mongering, while creating more disease. Disease brought on by more and more drugs that the body simply cannot and was never designed to utilize.

2. Drugs do not heal. They only mask symptoms. They in fact keep the body too acidic. Too much acidity in the body translates into a body prime for disease. The drugs all have their own side-effects as well that leads to more drug-induced disease.

3. The same companies that make the drugs for people make them for animal use. So more and more drugs are being created for animals using the same tactics as are used in human health.

4. Disease equals HUGE profits. Wellness and health – TRUE wellness and health – do not.

5. Because the doctors and veterinarians are taught by these same industries in schools, does anyone doubt that they haven’t been told the whole truth and nothing but and are also being used to push these drugs, and ultimately vectoring disease rather than facilitating healing in people?

6. There is too much money at stake here for this to just all go away quietly so while I write this more and more lobbying is being done in Washington, “incentives” are being handed out like candy, and more prescriptions prescribed every minute, all at the expense of the health and well-being of people and their pets.

7. When will everyone wake up out of this Matrix and take back your power-of-attorney? Stop literally BUYING the lies and propaganda so we and our animals can be well again?

8. Health cannot come from a pill, drug or surgery. It only comes when we adhere to the laws of health mandated in nature, and invest in our health and that of our animals accordingly on daily basis. Health is a lifestyle.


I for one refuse to BUY the lie any longer – my own health and that of my husband and any animal in my home is at stake if I do.

In health and wellness,
Dr. Kim Bloomer
Co-Founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy