American Council of Animal Naturopathy

Posted on Mar 20, 2018 | 2 comments

American Council of Animal Naturopathy

We regret to inform you that the American Council of Animal Naturopathy will be permanently closing its enrollment.

Current students will have one year from today April 3, 2018 to complete their studies and qualify to take the certification exam. If circumstances should necessitate an earlier or later closure date,

We truly regrets that closure is necessary. We deeply appreciate the loyalty and support of our friends, students and alumni as we go though this difficult time of having to close.


  1. Hello,

    I was highly interested in a certification program through ACAN and was wondering why it has closed permanently. Are there any other certification programs you’d recommend that are equivalent to yours?

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    • Hi Andrea,

      I am sorry, we are permanently closed and there are no other certification programs we can recommend that are any where near what ours are. We were the first and only program to teach TRUE animal naturopathy and so far, there are a couple of programs out there that say they teach naturopatic animal care but they sadly don’t really and while they may offer a certificate of completion, they do not certify. 🙁

      Some of our graduates MIGHT have classes and courses avaiable in the future but there is nothing avaiable at this time.

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