Promoting & Maintaining Wellness Part 8 – Trust

Posted By DocKim on Jan 16, 2017 |

By Dr. Kim Bloomer, co-founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy

Trust. We all want it. We all desire to be trustworthy. It’s not by accident this is probably the most critical part of all the laws of health. All the previous components of wellness: nutrition, exercise, pure water, sunshine, moderation, fresh air, and rest hinge upon this one thing: trust. ALL of the components of maintaining and promoting health build upon and depend upon all the others and that requires trusting them regardless of what things appear to be like on the surface. 

Trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundational principle that holds all relationships.“. ~Stephen Covey

You may have learned through this series on promoting and maintaining wellness that when one of the previous components is missing – proper species appropriate nutrition, pure water, fresh air, etc., that all of the others fall short in total effectiveness. They help, but ALL are foundational, depending one upon the other to maintain and promote total wellness. This is where trust comes in coupled with patience. There is no such thing as a magic bullet in promoting health or in maintaining wellness. Nature works slowly and is sure… as long as we remain steadfast in doing our part in following and trusting ALL the components of maintaining and promoting wellness (aka the laws of health). None of it is difficult, although at times it may not seem convenient. However, once it becomes a lifestyle it becomes automatic – then wellness is no longer a sought after dream but a reality.


TrustIf we don’t trust in the laws of health, then fear will rear its ugly head as we begin to witness the detoxification process happen in our animals. Sometimes they’ll appear to be worse than they were before we embarked upon our whole health journey with them. In reality, it is simply the body doing its housecleaning that it couldn’t do when the energy required for the body to do so wasn’t supported. The right nutrition, daily exercise, pure water, etc., ALL assist the body to perform optimal function. If we begin our next new animal companion with a naturopathic wellness plan, it may seem challenging at times and even scary…until it becomes second nature. The only reason it may seem this way at first is because we have made our companion animal care all about OUR convenience (albeit in most cases unwittingly as it is just what we have learned) AND about depending solely upon perceived authority to tell us what to do. Unfortunately these very things are what keep us afraid while the wellness we are seeking for our animals continues to elude us.

Fear can easily set in and have us running for the masquerade that we once thought was healthcare. Conventional care palliation can be an opiate, creating a false sense of security as the symptoms disappear – but ultimately it is also the cause of the domino falling. When that happens, our animals have no option ultimately but to succumb allowing the fear we worked to avoid finding its fulfillment in the demise of our beloved companions. It also allows the wellness we sought, to elude our current and future animal companions if we don’t turn from that fear and trust in these laws of health to facilitate true wellness in our animals.

Holding fast in trust by following and applying ALL the laws of health is the solution to maintaining and promoting wellness in our companion animals. Anything less is an illusion.

The best way to trust is simply to trust. In nature, laws or “phenomenon” can’t be broken without consequences. Following and trusting in these simple laws is THE path to promoting and maintaining wellness in our companion animals.

Wishing you and your animals to simply be well.

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Photo Attribution: Meshach the Great Dane with Dr. Kim, Copyright 2012, All Rights Reserved.

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