Spending on pets is up, but are they healthier as a result?

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Spending on pets is up, but are they healthier as a result?

On the surface this might show more concern and care for pets, and we’re certain that pet owners feel they are spending more because they believe they care more for their pets than previous generations may have. However, just because more money is being spent does not necessarily equate to better health or quality of life for pets.

The news item:

Much of the extra spending IS on pet care or what most pet owners consider “pet health” when in fact it is the current pet health care system that is behind them needing to spend more and more money on the care of their pets.

As veterinarian Dr. Patricia Jordan puts it “Natural News has linked top medical problems to vaccines, with diabetes being just one of those common problems. Of course the vaccine companies make the drugs to treat vaccine induced disease and also the behavioral problems that we now have drugs for. How about the fact that this rise in behavioral problems come from unnecessary repeat jabs of vaccines?

The Natural News article:

I’d add that feeding nothing but processed foods to our pets from a bag or can instead of a species appropriate raw diet is also a huge contributor to the health problems. In addition the toxic pesticides we put on them marketed as prevention against flea, ticks, and mosquitoes add to the toxic soup we’re subjecting pets to and labeling it “health care“.

Our work as animal naturopaths is huge because our aim is to help people understand not only what health is, but to put the focus back on promoting health rather than treating disease which is REALLY what the current “health care system” is all about.

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