Student/Alumni Testimonies

I cannot thank ACAN enough for setting me up for success. It is evident that you ladies poured your heart and soul into this course, and it was so inspiring, encouraging, and it provided me with everything I need to excel as an animal naturopath. Now I get to begin a whole new chapter in my life’s journey, and I could not be more excited or humbled! I look forward to pursuing the equine certification as well, and everywhere else this new adventure takes me
Anita Bothwell, Certified Small Animal Naturopath/Health Coach

I recently completed the Certified Carnivore Nutrition Consultant course. I learned so much about why dogs and cats are classed as carnivores, how to feed a species appropriate diet, and the causes of chronic illnesses that pet dogs and cats are experiencing in greater numbers than ever before. I found the certification course to be the equivalent of college courses, with required reading and papers to write, and a very thorough final examination for certification.

I am pleased to have successfully finished the course, and proud to be a graduate of ACAN. I recommend ACAN to anyone who wants to be proactive in using natural health protocols to protect the health of a pet.
Carole Milligan – Certified Carnivore Nutrition Coach/Consultant

“ACAN is providing both animal lovers and animal professionals with essential education on the subject of natural pet health. As a board certified Carnivore Nutritionist I value the opportunity ACAN has provided me to help others with their pets. ACAN’s online learning is easy to navigate, courses are packed with great information and the instructors are knowledgeable and supportive. The only downside is having to choose which course to take next.
Jennifer Lee – Certified Carnivore Nutrition Coach/Consultant

I have a retail store where we focus on species appropriate diet everyday and, boy is it frustrating dealing with all of the people coming in thinking that they are feeding their dog a “good” food because it is something that their vet “prescribed”. This course is completely in line with our way of thinking and I am so glad I found it!
Tammy M – currently enrolled student

I just wanted to let you know how much I am enjoying what I have learned so far, AMAZING!!!!

I almost finished the first year of study in Human Naturopathy here in New Zealand a few years ago and felt there was something missing and just wasn’t satisfied with what I was learning, I felt it was no different to the conventional way of treating dis-ease in the body, they just replaced the methods used to treat ‘symptoms’ with natural remedies, Arrhhhh.

Thank you so much for opening my already ‘open’ mind. I now see everything so differently than before and I am no longer afraid of what I believe. I haven’t even finished the first module yet, how exciting.
Amanda Handley – currently enrolled student

As a former student in Small Animal Naturopathy, I highly recommend these courses. The courses are fun and educational, easy to follow, and I learned a lot of new information regarding our carnivore companion animals. The instructors are very knowledgeable and quick to respond to all questions.
Anthea Appel – Certified Animal Health Coach/Animal Naturopathic Consultant

I learned so much during this carnivore nutrition course and really enjoyed putting this essay together. The topic of carnivore nutrition is so large that I had to narrow my focus to fit it all into the essay, and so my aim was to address some of the basic questions and concerns that someone new to raw feeding may have.

This is truly my passion, and I am so excited to complete the program and earn my certification so I can start sharing my knowledge and passion with others!

Thank you both for all you do,
Kristin – Certified Carnivore Nutrition Coach/Consultant

I just want to say THANK YOU! This coursework was the best decision in my life.
Each lesson is a lesson for life. You need to know that.
I’m really and deeply thankful.
Fabiola Doando – Certified Carnivore Nutrition Coach/Consultant

Thank you! That was an intensive course. Great information!
I still work part-time at a Animal Clinic that was doing yearly boosters! And every other vaccine under the sun! I have been able to educate the other technicians and the part time surgeon as I learned new things. They are on board and are educating clients.
Lora – currently enrolled student

Wow. I just finished reading ‘Immune Doggy’ by Aleksandra Mikic for my course work, and I have to say, my mind is totally blown. Between that book and your online lectures at ACAN, I will never look at disease prevention and animal wellness the same way again. Thank you for discussing it in your wonderful classes- I can’t wait to learn more!! 🙂 This information is so important and we need to get it out to the public so they can make informed decisions about their animals’ health- and their own!!
Terri Demmons – currently enrolled student

I just wanted to say that I’m really enjoying the Philosophy class. It has so much incredible information, and it’s also really been hugely empowering because it’s shown me that my common sense and instincts are generally right (even when they fly in the face of things vets and popular belief have told me for years). I am a bit more than halfway through the course, and have already gotten so much out of it. I just wanted to let you both know how completely thrilled I am to have found this course. It’s only made me feel like my choice to pursue a career in animal naturopathy is the right fit for me.

So, thanks again!
Kristin Clark – Certified Small Animal Naturopath/Health Coach