Today I Was A Hero

Posted By Dr. Jeannie Thomason on Jun 26, 2017 |

By: Megan Ayrault – Power Of Touch For Animals

Today I was a hero!

I had a chance to make a difference,

the chance to actually save a life!

But I almost missed that chance because of a silly thought in my mind.

If something else hadn’t happened to change the situation,

the outcome could have been very different.

Especially for that poor mother duck and her ducklings….

I actually saved multiple lives. 6, 7 or 8, depending on exactly what you

think would have happened in the hypothetical alternative ending.

And yes, I’m talking about the ducklings lives.

(The mother probably would have survived, though with a grieving heart.)

But I almost missed my chance to be a hero,

because I thought the grate over the drain where they had fallen was too heavy.

It looked like it might even be welded shut. That’s what my eyes told me.

And when I pulled at the grate it didn’t budge.

And with that thought in my head, that it was probably too heavy, and might even be welded shut,

I immediately stopped trying to lift it.

I’m embarrassed now to admit, even to myself, how easily I gave up.

And this was with lives at stake!

Though to be fair (to myself), I didn’t give up on the idea the ducklings might be saved.

But I gave up on the idea that I could be the one to do it.

So my reflex reaction to a little adversity?

I called the non-emergency police number to see about having someone else come rescue them.

And then I waited to see if some city official would come be the hero.

I moved a little away from the grate because the mother, 3 babies following,

wanted to get to her other babies, and was circling into the road, with traffic coming.

So I watched from a little distance while I waited for an official rescuer (who never did come).

I watched the mother and 3 little ones huddle anxiously around the drain grate,

the trapped babies ‘peeps’ echoing up from down in the hole.

And another tiny duckling fell through the grate.

Then, happily, the situation changed. Another walker came along!

And with the approach of a possible partner, even though she was smaller than me,

and no uniform, tools or anything,

a little question of whether the grate was really welded shut crept in to my mind.

And I thought, maybe with two of us….

As you may have guessed, sure enough, we could lift it.

And what do you know, the hole, with just a little dirt in the bottom,

just happened to be exactly an arm’s length deep.

(Thank you Source, from the bottom of that mother duck’s heart, for that happy “coincidence”!)

And now the reason I want to share this is not just for the a happily-ever-after of it,

though I do like that part, and you probably do, too.

(I followed them to the lake to be sure. They made it!)

What stands out for me from this experience is

NOT the idea that we’re stronger together than alone.

Though if it had been true that the grate was too heavy to lift by myself,

this would be a good story to illustrate that important Truth.

But I don’t really need that story. I’m already a big believer in teamwork.

What is more powerful for me here, is that, in this case,

the truth was that I could have moved that grate by myself.

With hindsight, I’m sure of it now. It was heavy, but not that heavy.

The truth is, I hadn’t pulled as hard as I could have.

Because of a thought that was already overriding any idea of success, of being up to the challenge.

(Silly thought. Powerful mind.)

So my biggest take-aways:

I’m stronger than I think, especially when my mind in working in my favor, not against me.

Also, connecting with other people helps (especially with the right people!).

It can make the difference between giving up and succeeding, whether I actually needed their help or not.

So if there’s something you want to accomplish, some way you could be a hero to someone, I hope you go for it!

With or without a team to help you.

And if you can also have a team, so much the better. It WILL help, because as strong as we are, we’re even stronger together.

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