Using Essential Oils in Animal Care Naturopathically

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Using Essential Oils in Animal Care Naturopathically

Our new book is now available! Dr. Sarah Reagan, equine instructor, and Dr. Kim Bloomer and Dr. Jeannie Thomason,Founders of ACAN, collaborated to write this book. We are excited about this because while it isn’t a lengthy book it packs a lot of punch on every page.

Our goal was to help everyone understand the role of essential oils in animal care in conjunction with a whole health approach that must be the foundation for good, thriving health in any animal.

This book introduces a dynamic way of using therapeutic essential oils with animals. It is time for even so-called “alternative health” to learn how to shift attention from the ‘what‘ of the experience to the experience itself, allowing the animal to participate in his/her own healing process as nature intended. True naturopathic health is an on-going lifestyle, a journey.

The aim of this book is to take away the fear of using essential oils with animals while empowering the pet owner to desire to utilize these amazing healing tools as part of their animals’ natural medicine chest. But we believe the book goes a step further in helping you to realize the importance of a true naturopathic approach if your desire is to allow optimal health in your animals. Also you will learn just how little essential oil is needed to kickstart the body’s own innate healing capacity when using them naturopathically rather than allopathically.

The book is selling really fast for which we are very grateful. It is available to purchase on
Essential Oils in Animal Care: A Naturopathic Approach

I want to share what our friend, natural health coach in human health, Terry Tillaart says about the book so you will know and understand that this book is not going to be a desk reference or something similar:

I think the book is fantastic! It is EXACTLY what pet owners need to learn and what a steal for $11. This book is intended to help the pet owner understand the true nature and design of their animals and what belongs in their life and what does not. All health for animals begins with the Naturopathic health fundamentals that are inescapable facts. I love how this book clarifies this for people and puts Essential Oils into proper context which is much needed in our world today where many people are misguided into believing that using Oils and other plant based substances are replacements for health fundamentals and they are not. Essential oils are excellent tools for animals and humans alike, but they are just that, tools. The scope and purpose of this book was to provide guidance and re-assurance to the public from arguably the world’s top 3 experts on Natural Animal care that oils can and should be used to help animals despite all the myths out there, bring their health back into balance and guide them along that process and the book does precisely that….The internet is awash with ill-advised people who think that all health problems are a “recipe” or “protocol” of oils away, just the right amount of oil drops and all health laws become irrelevant overnight and sometimes it reaches a near delusional fervor. All serious health problems regardless of the species will almost always require some expert guidance, this $11 book (what else do people want for this price???

Nothing we as naturopaths do will be the same as the conventional approach. Whenever I am asked what is an animal naturopath or what do we do I simply have learned to say this:

True animal naturopaths guide pet owners to proactively build and promote health in their animals whereas veterinarians treat disease reactively.

This essential oils book is based upon that very premise.

In health and wellness,
Dr. Kim Bloomer
ACAN Co-Founder

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