What is Animal Naturopathy?

Perhaps you have heard of animal naturopathy but have wondered what it really is. The philosophy of naturopathy has been in existence since the beginning of time.

TRUE Animal Naturopathy is a philosophy and the art of natural wellness for animals. Not to be confused with so called “holistic veterinary care or even alternative animal care.

Naturopathy focuses on health not on symptoms or disease. The definition of naturopathy is a philosophy and system of following the laws of health that God mandated in nature to keep the body balanced:

  1. species appropriate nutrition
  2. exercise
  3. pure water
  4. fresh air
  5. sunshine
  6. rest
  7. moderation
  8. trust in these laws to maintain health.

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When the body does go out of balance, then the naturopath may also employ the use of nature’s remedies such as herbs, essential oils, minerals, etc., in addition to the laws of health, to spark the immune system and support the body so it can bring itself back into balance.

ACAN - 8 Laws of Health The word “disease” is really a bastardization of the original word “dis-ease” meaning the body was uneasy because it was/is imbalanced. The word “disease” was instituted to place labels on symptoms and is used to lend an element of fear that states only a licensed physician can cure and/or treat the “label” using invasive measures such as surgery and synthetic pharmaceuticals to “control or manage the labeled symptom

Really there is no such thing as “disease” in the Westernized meaning of the word – merely symptoms of a body out of balance. The worse the symptoms the more out of balance the body.


Fact of the matter is, no doctor or physician of any kind can heal anyone or any animal – the body heals itself.

Naturopathy follows the edict, “First, do no harm.“ The use of natures’ remedies support the healing process, not work against it.