What Is An Animal Naturopath/Health Coach?

What is an Animal Naturoath/Health Coach?

Animal Naturopaths/Animal Health Coaches are shaping the future of true species appropriate nutrition and preventative health care.

What Is an Animal Health Coach?In our current veterinary healthcare system, almost no time is spent with the client discussing true, species specific nutrition and lifestyle choices for our pets. Yet our world is in the midst of a massive shift – more and more people have begun to understand the importance of living a healthful lifestyle themselves and now they are interested in learning more about how to provide a healthful lifestyle for their companion animals as well.

These days, the media is paying more and more attention to (Human) Naturopaths, Health Coaches or alternative medicine teachers than ever before and it’s no wonder – people are dissatisfied with our current “health care” system and are in desperate need of education in true nutrition and  preventative care to find their way back to health.  

In like fashion, more and more people are becoming more than a little dissatisfied with the current veterinary “health care” system and are seeking for truthful information on species specific animal nutrition and preventative care for their pets.

What exactly is an Animal Naturopath or Natual Animal Health Coach?

Animal Naturopaths, (sometimes also known as: a Natural Animal Health Coach) are a wellness authority and supportive mentor as well as an accountablity partner. Animal Naturopaths educate, encourage and support their clients in defining and achieving their pet’s health and wellness goals through, species specific nutrition, lifestyle and behavior adjustments. Clients enter into agreements with their Animal Naturopath to work with them as a team to create healthy habits to improve the health and life of their companion animals. Studies have shown that those who enter into agreements and hold each other accountable about improving diet, exercise or other lifestyle factors with another person have remarkably higher outcomes than those who don’t.

An Animal naturopath/animal health coach aids your being sucessful in creating a healthy diet and lifestyle for your pets. Their clients learn to develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that are naturally best for their pets, and have the support to implement lasting changes that improve their pet’s energy, balance and health.

What are some attributes of a successful, Natural Naturopath?

Animal naturopaths have good listening skills, a compassionate and patient demeanor and the genuine desire to work with and help others to help their pets be healthier, happier and live longer.

Supporting and educating people in ways to naturally improve their companion animal’s health and happiness can be most helpful in teaching the pet owner how to  avoid the high cost of repeated veterinary visits, and medications that only mask the symptoms for a time and never allow the pet to actualy heal.