“Why” Did You Get Into The World of Natural Wellness Care For Animals?

Posted By Dr. Jeannie Thomason on Jul 10, 2017 |

By: Megan Ayrault – Power Of Touch For Animals

And a 2nd important question for you to contemplate for yourself… (if you’re far enough into it yet)

… have you experienced any shifts in your own “Why” yet?

Perhaps some surprises?

Why did I (Megan Ayrault)  get into bodywork for animals?

First it was horses, then dogs.

Yes, I wanted to help animals (horses in particular at first).

I also wanted to be a great horsewoman.

Really connect with them, and know what’s going on with them.

And then yes, be able to help them as a result of that connection!

To be honest, what I really wanted was to be like Dr. Doolittle.

Help them be well, of course, AND also be able to “talk” with them,

and know what they’re saying back. In detail!

I remember watching, and listening to, a friend and colleague (in the horse world)

who had learned some horse massage.

That was as close as I’d seen to a real Dr. Dolittle!

Suddenly it seemed so obvious, how could I be a great horseman and NOT know

at least some of what she was learning.

I might not have thought I could even do it,

but I saw the responses and results she was getting with just a basic training to start,

so then I knew I could at least learn that much, too.

And as life tends to be, one thing led to another,

and before too long I had become not just a bodyworker,

but also a “business woman”!

Definitely not my original goal, though I do like it now.

If there were such a thing as “jobs” to apply for in this bodywork-for-animals world,

I likely would have gone that route. That was what I knew, being an employee.

So I’m so grateful there weren’t!

So how has my Why shifted since I first got started?

What has been the surprise bonus(es) out of my Path?

(And I’m curious about yours, whether any have happened yet, or still to come? 😉

I still want to help animals and I still want to become more like Dr. Dolittle!

And in addition to those original “Whys” …

1. I now value the difference I make for the people (owners) as well as the animals directly. Because I believe through helping both, I’m actually helping to shift the Energy of the world in a positive direction.

2. I value, and am incredibly grateful for, the impact this whole process, both “bodywork/wellness” and “business,” has had on ME. Who I am, how I Be, and even on my own health and happiness.

(And this was already true even when I was still a part-time employee in the early years.)

3. And now, what has become my biggest Why much more recently (since last year),

I’m now excited to be in a position to support others like me (animal wellness professionals, and aspiring professionals) in discovering their Why, pursuing it, evolving it and accomplishing it!

While #1 and #3 may both be bigger “Whys” than my own personal growth,

the fact is, I can’t do #1 or #3, unless I AM growing myself personally. Continually!

And by “personally”, I mean as a human being, and also as a business person.

There are some KEYs to having this kind of evolution (business and personal) be do-able, effective, and sustainable….

1. Recognizing that business growth and personal growth go hand-in-hand.

2. Group Energy of some kind is priceless for fueling that growth.

In A.C.A.N.s next newsletter, I’ll share several suggestions for how you can make the most of Group Energy (and why it’s critical) to fuel your own business and personal growth (and sustainability).

And for now also, a sneak preview of my favorite suggestion (totally unbiased of course ;-)….

you can check out the Power of Touch T.E.A.M. Membership!

Designed for exactly the reasons I’ve shared with you so far here.

The TEAM’s re-opening to new members may have already gotten started by the time of the next ACAN newsletter, so I want to make sure you have this information ahead of time.

I will add additional suggestions of Group Energy strategies, whether you decide the TEAM is right for you or not, in the next newsletter.

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