Why Natural Health?

Posted By DocKim on Aug 23, 2016 |

by Dr. Kim Bloomer, Co-Founder of the American Council of Animal Naturopathy

You’ve come to this site. You are reading the blog posts. Maybe checking out the newsletter. Considering taking some classes or even becoming certified in animal naturopathy. The question begs, why? What intrigued or interested you to search out natural health in the first place?

Is it because you or your animal(s) have not thrived in the conventional approach? Or you’re disgruntled at the conventional approach? Is it because you wanted more control of the health of your animals? Is it so you can better advocate on behalf of your animals, realizing you do have choices? All of the above?

For me it was and is all of the above. It started because of an amazing Neapolitan Mastiff named Shadrach for me (pictured here). Because of his negligent past and the abuse he suffered I felt he deserved a more excellent way of caring for him. It wasn’t that my previous animals didn’t, but this dog is the reason I stood up and took action. He moved me outside of myself and my comfort zone to learn so I could advocate on his behalf.

Coming out of the conventional system as a former vet tech it would have taken a situation like this for me to venture forth. I had gotten comfortable in that status quo but my love for Shadrach moved me past my own comfort zone. The good news is, he lived to be nearly twelve years old even with all he had gone through. Even though he was also conventionally raised until he was approximately four years old.

While science often wants to discount the anecdotal and experiential based application for those of us in natural health, often wants to discredit us personally in the process as well, the facts remain the same. Our animals have thrived with a whole health, natural approach.

The reason we founded and brought this school into existence is for that very reason.

Until next time….

Have a naturopathically healthy day!

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